De-Toxin Sheet: Expels Harmful Waste

Tasly De-toxin Sheet successfully helps in expelling wastes, preventing the body from harmful effects. Scientifically speaking, due to internal and external influences, the human body produces harmful waste that gather around the joints and sole preventing normal blood circulation and causing various problems.

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Tasly De-toxin Sheet
Your Current Item: De-Toxin Sheet: Expels Harmful Waste
Original price was: ₦21,846.90.Current price is: ₦17,308.10.
Original price was: ₦21,846.90.Current price is: ₦17,308.10.
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Tasly De-toxin Sheet

The invention of the Tasly De-toxin Sheet is a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of health. This product efficiently helps in expelling wastes and preventing the body from harmful effects.

Scientifically speaking, the human body produces toxic waste that collects around joints and soles and leads to various problems.

Such as arthritis, inflammation of the joints, skin diseases, high blood pressure, etc which seriously affect one’s health. Consequently, one must regularly expel harmful waste to enhance the body’s self-healing process and immune system.

De-toxin sheet is effective for many types of pain. It can be used to treat shoulder and neck pain, sore waist and back pain, sore legs, knee pain and swollen legs, swollen joints with arthritic pain, sprains, contusions, rheumatic pains, muscle aches, and varix.

Regular application stimulates dry skin especially, a common effect of repeated scrubbing on rough surfaces. It can also enhance the retention of moisture, as well as reduce any band-like rashes in sensitive and dry areas. A good foot cream should be able to achieve all three goals!

People of all ages have used this product with great success. It is very effective at helping people dealing with joint or neck pain as well.

Experiments in China and Japan have shown that Tasly De-toxin Sheet can extract external dampens and expel harmful waste from the body. This can reduce or eliminate various illnesses, to allow the body to function normally

Health Benefits Of Tasly De-toxin Sheet

  • Enhance microcirculation in the feet and expel metabolites and toxins

  • Relieve pain, chronic and acute, on the joints and muscles in many parts of your body.

  • Reduces tiredness

  • Helps ease soreness and detoxify the body while you sleep.

  • An effective detoxifier that expels harmful wastes and toxins from the body

  • It relieves arthritis

How to use De-Toxin Sheet

  • Apply by foot reflexology areas for four days as soon as one treatment course.

  • No side effect

Key Ingredients

  • bamboo vinegar (32%),
  • pyroligneous acid (4%),
  • tourmaline,
  • chitosan,
  • vitamin c,
  • dokudami leaf,
  • herbal extracts 

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Dimensions 8 × 5 × 12 cm


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