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Lagos Head Office
Plot 457, Awkuzu Street,
Off Omorine Johnson,
Lekki Phase 1, 101245, Lagos-Nigeria
Abuja Location
76, Nouakchott Street,
Suite A12,
Othni Plaza by Allied Brother Junction,
Wuse Zone 1,

Office Appointment/Pick-up
Monday – Friday: 8:00am – 6:00pm
Satudays: 9:30am – 3:00pM

We are always here to help you. You can reach us using the following contacts:

Recs-Medix Natural Solutions

Phone: +2347060648345

E-mail: support@recsmedix.com

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76, Nouakchott Street, Suite A12, Othni Plaza by Allied Brother Junction, Wuse Zone 1, Abuja

Frequently Asked Question!

What Kind of Diseases Can the Products Solve

Green World products are nutritional supplements produced into capsule form. They are useful for all forms of health disorders ranging from Diabetes, Stroke, Menopausal syndrome, Infertility, Hypertension, Impotency, Asthma, Cancer, and Fibroid etc..

What does green tea do?

Many studies have shown that green tea extract can promote weight loss, blood sugar regulation, disease prevention, and exercise recovery. It can also help keep your skin and liver healthy, reduce blood fat levels, regulate blood pressure, and improve brain health. It can be consumed in capsule, liquid, or powder form

What affects a woman’s fertility?

Age. If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times: the most important factor in fertility is age. Women are born with all the eggs they’ll ever have, and as we age, the quantity and the quality of those eggs both decline

What is Body Scan?

A Full Body Scan is a new technique for early cancer detection. It uses computer tomography to help identify potential problems and diseases that you may have that still haven’t presented with symptoms yet.
This service is available at our office.

What are royal jelly capsules good for?

Royal jelly is used for symptoms of menopause. It is also used for diabetes, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), obesity, and many other conditions, but there is no good scientific evidence to support these uses.

What age does a woman stop being fertile?

A woman’s peak reproductive years are between the late teens and late 20s. By age 30, fertility (the ability to get pregnant) starts to decline. This decline becomes more rapid once you reach your mid-30s. By 45, fertility has declined so much that getting pregnant naturally is unlikely for most women.

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