Blood Sugar & Diabetes Supplements

Take control of your blood sugar levels and manage diabetes effectively with our range of high-quality supplements. At Green-World International, we offer a selection of products specifically designed to support blood sugar regulation and provide relief from diabetes-related symptoms. Explore our collection of trusted brands and natural solutions that can help you lead a healthier, more balanced life.

  1. 4life GluCoach: Blood Sugar, Insulin, Diabetes, and Fatigue

Maintain healthy blood sugar levels, support insulin function, and combat fatigue with 4life GluCoach. This powerful supplement combines scientifically proven ingredients to optimize glucose metabolism and enhance overall well-being.

  1. Aim Global Diabetic Packs: Blood Sugar and Diabetes Treatment

Discover effective blood sugar and diabetes treatment with Aim Global Diabetic Packs. These carefully curated packs include a combination of natural supplements that work synergistically to regulate blood sugar levels, improve insulin sensitivity, and promote overall health.

  1. Akum Tea: Treatment of Insulin and Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes

Experience the therapeutic benefits of Akum Tea in the treatment of both insulin and non-insulin dependent diabetes. This specially formulated tea helps regulate blood sugar levels and supports healthy insulin function.

  1. Balsam Pear Tablet: Treats Diabetes and Regulates Blood Sugar

Treat diabetes and regulate blood sugar levels with Balsam Pear Tablets. These tablets are formulated with natural ingredients known for their anti-diabetic properties and their ability to support healthy blood sugar metabolism.

  1. Bitter Melon Powder Capsule: Specially Made to Combat Diabetes

Combat diabetes naturally with Bitter Melon Powder Capsules. Derived from the bitter melon fruit, these capsules are rich in bioactive compounds that help regulate blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity.

  1. Blood Sugar Metabolism: Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

Promote healthy blood sugar metabolism with our specially formulated supplement. Designed to support glucose utilization and maintain balanced blood sugar levels, this product is an essential addition to your diabetes management routine.

  1. Blood-Sugar Regulating Oral Liquid: Cure Diabetes and Kidney Disease

Address diabetes and kidney disease with our Blood-Sugar Regulating Oral Liquid. This potent formula combines herbs and natural extracts to help regulate blood sugar levels and promote kidney health.

  1. CELLGEVITY (4 Bottles): Immune Booster, Cell Regeneration & Anti-Aging

Boost your immune system, support cell regeneration, and fight against the effects of aging with CELLGEVITY. This powerful antioxidant supplement provides comprehensive health benefits and can aid in managing diabetes.

  1. Chinese Angel Tea: For Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Blood Fat & Sugar

Improve your cholesterol levels, blood pressure, blood fat, and blood sugar with Chinese Angel Tea. This herbal tea blend is carefully crafted to promote overall cardiovascular health and assist in managing diabetes.

  1. Danshen Tea: Improves Circulation and Prevents Blood Clotting

Enhance circulation, prevent blood clotting, and support overall cardiovascular health with Danshen Tea. This traditional herbal tea has been used for centuries to improve blood flow and maintain optimal blood sugar levels.

  1. Greenlife DB Formula

Greenlife DB Formula (Dial B) offers effective treatment for diabetes, high blood sugar, and hypertension. This natural supplement combines powerful ingredients that work synergistically to regulate blood sugar levels and support cardiovascular health.

  1. Nature’s Renaissance De-Diafix

Experience a permanent cure for diabetes and pre-diabetes cases with Nature’s Renaissance De-Diafix. This breakthrough formula helps regulate blood sugar levels, improve insulin sensitivity, and promote overall well-being.

Take control of your blood sugar and manage diabetes effectively with our range of blood sugar and diabetes supplements. Trust Green-World International to provide you with top-quality products that prioritize your health and well

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