Your Success Starts from your Goals- Part 2

A Modern example of personal values

A modern proponent of values would be prominent business man Bill Gates. His early goal resulting from his values was for every home to own a PC and I think it is fair to say he achieved that in bucket loads. In the past decade he and his wife have set about giving away much of his wealth through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the world’s largest transparently operated charitable foundation in the world. So he and his wife clearly have another core value to help others less fortunate than themselves. The important thing about this is that all people of import and achievement know very clearly what their values are and have a very clear and concise relationship between their core values and their goals.

succesDiscover your core values

How do you discover your core values? The process I am going to share with you is something that you can use to do this for yourself. First get a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. Next, using one or maximum two words write down as many things that you think are important in your life as you can think of. For example, money, family, business, helping others, love, e.t.c.. Keep going until at least 5 minutes have passed and you can think of no more. Now, go through the list and remove the ones that are similar in nature and replace with just one word to describe the duplicates.

Make a new list of the values that remain on a fresh piece of paper. Finally, with the new list, imagine you have only 24hrs left on planet earth and you have been granted a wish with a condition. The wish is you can choose any value from the list that you want to be remembered for after you are dead and everyone who knows you will think of this when they think of you. What would you choose from the list in front of you? The condition is that you only have one minute to choose. After have chosen put the number 1 next to that item. Now cover that item up with a strip of paper so it does not distract you (or make a new list) and repeat the process with the remainder of the list. Do this until you have the top 5 values. These are your values. The top three of these are your CORE values.

Please write down your values:


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