Your Success Starts from your Goals- Part 1

What is your purpose of life? It is to become happy, right? Whatever country or society you live in, you all have the same deep desire: to become happy.

Yet, there are few ideals as difficult to grasp as that of happiness. In our daily life we constantly experience happiness and unhappiness, but we are still quite ignorant as to what happiness really is.

What do you value in life?

Values are things, people, places and events that are most important to you in life. Every person has different values and you have to at first find out what the values are for you, because values bring you the most fulfillment and joy. When you are not in harmony with your values, you are not happy and you feel your life is meaningless. The more in harmony your behavior is with your values, the more fulfilled and happy you are. This is a simple formula and it works for everyone.valuesss

Values are important, because when you know what is primary to you in your life you can set up your life in harmony with them, which brings you fulfillment. The important thing is to know what your values are, what these values mean to you and how they affect your life. Because the more you prioritize what you value, the more your life is filled with joy and gratitude.

You will be unhappy when you are out of harmony with your values.

When you are out of harmony with your values you will be unhappy and dissatisfied, because your priorities are not correct. You live how you do not want to live. You actcontrary to your desire. You will always feel like you are missing something. You will always be chasing after something and never will be able to find it. This way of thinking can delay your happiness for quite a while. When you do not live with your values you will regret and have to live with that regret your entire life.

Now is time to set up your values.

Please watch out for part 2 of these article the same time, the same place tomorrow

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