Water Purifier: 3-stage Ultra-Filtration Water Purifier

Tianshi Water Purifier

Tianshi Portable Water Purifier is designed for international travel enthusiasts and backpackers. As a matter of fact,  the design can be folded so it’s easy to carry and occupy less space, making it perfect for hand luggage on flights.

  • aves water naturally and needs no power

  • Fixed quickly and easier to maintain. As a matter of fact, installation is not required.

  • The durable Compact size makes it portable use.

  • Easy to use and lightweight.

Recommendations: The water purifier is highly recommendable for home and family use.


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Tianshi Water Purifier

Tianshi Portable Water Purifier is a special health device designed specifically for people that love to travel. It is an easy-to-carry design, making it perfect for hand luggage on flights. Anywhere you go, you’re able to drink safe water!

Additionally, we have a water purifier called tianshi that is taking the world by storm. This product has been hailed as the new way to stay healthy in and drink clean water. A 3-stage premium filter removes 99.99% of all harmful substances such as chemicals and microplastics, clearly making it an excellent choice for healthy living.

The colloidal silver treatment will protect your family from typhoid fever and other waterborne diseases

The Tianshi Ultrafiltration Water Purifier attaches to any standard 2-liter bottle, and its filtering element can remove up to 99% of bacteria, as well as 99% of viruses, up to 95% of harmful organic compounds, and 98% of heavy metals. As well as contaminants as large as 40 micrometers in size.

If you are looking for a purifier that is portable and easy to clean, then an ultrafiltration water purifier is the best option. Simply fill your bottle with water and drink while it does the purification for you.

Tianshi Water Purifier

Health Benefit of Tianshi Water Purifier

  1. Help filter water perfectly.

  2. Easy to fix and maintain.

  3. Does not require special installation

  4. The Compact size of the durable case makes it very portable.

  5. Easy to use and lightweight.

  6.  This product has a sleek design, a long-life filter core, and is affordable.

  7. A good choice in an environment where there is water toxicity.

  8. Super water-resistant coat made of hydrophilic film material.

  9. Remove all the bacteria and microorganisms from the water.


How To Use Tianshi Water Purifier

  • Fill the tank with water, wait for it to be purified, pour it into a drinkable container, and keep the water purifier in a clean condition.

Precaution/Side Effect

  • Store in a cool place at room temperature.

  • Keep out of reach of children.

  • No side effects.



  • The water purifier is highly recommendable for home and family use.


Suitable for

  • Children, Mid-age, and Adults.


Weight1 kg
Dimensions25 × 10 × 30 cm


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Tianshi Water PurifierWater Purifier: 3-stage Ultra-Filtration Water Purifier
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