10 Cancer Symptoms You need to know

10 Cancer Symptoms You need to know

Cancer Symptoms You Need To Know

The top five most common cancers are Breast, Prostrate, Lung, Colorectal and Stomach cancer. These were basically unheard of before the beginning of the twentieth century. The World Health Organization predicts that deaths from cancer worldwide are projected to continue rising, with an estimated 12 million deaths in 2030.

If you just have a common cold or bronchitis, you had symptoms. What if the symptoms you are having are cancer symptoms and you just think it’s the fever?

Why Most Sign And Symptoms Of Cancer Are Neglected?

The word Cancer is the most fearful in many Language that no one wants to think about. Even so, everyone still needs to be aware of its symptoms, because cancer is most curable if diagnosed and treated in its earliest stages. It can cause almost any sign or symptom.

The signs and symptoms will depend on where the cancer is, how big it is, and how much it affects the organs or tissues. If cancer has spread, signs or symptoms may appear in different parts of the body. Those signs and symptoms can mislead to the wrong diagnosis. Once obvious signs and symptoms demonstrate there is little chance for cure thus dramatically reduces the cancer survival rate. Therefore, the key is to seek immediate medical attention as soon as you notice some of the signs and symptoms of cancer.

General Cancer signs and symptoms?

cancer treatment
Breast Cancer

Change in Bowel or Bladder Habits

Everybody is different with their bowels. So a normal bowel habit can vary from person to person. You may regularly go while your neighbor only goes twice a week. Does your urine smell strange? Is your urine an odd color? These are questions to ask yourself if you believe there is something wrong. If you believe there is something wrong with your urinary habits, consult a doctor. But, you need to notify your doctor if you notice the following:

Diarrhea, constipation, or narrowing of the stool that lasts for more than a few days or any rectal bleeding or blood in the stool can be symptoms of colorectal cancer. Changes in bladder habits, including frequent urination or feeling as if you need to go but not being able to urinate, or any blood in the urine may be symptoms of bladder cancer.

Sores that Do Not Heal

The most common sign of skin cancer is a change on the skin, such as a growth or a sore that won’t heal. Sometimes there may be a small lump. This lump can be smooth, shiny and waxy looking, or it can be red or reddish brown. Skin cancer may also appear as a flat red spot that is rough or scaly.
Usually, our body heals itself. Cancer cells attack the white blood cells in the body, so the white blood cells can’t defend against enemies and heal the body.

White Patches Inside Te Mouth or White Spots on the Tongue

White patches inside the mouth or white spots on the tongue may be leukoplakia. Leukoplakia is a pre-cancerous area that is caused by frequent irritation. It is often caused by smoking or other tobacco use. People who smoke pipes or use oral or spit tobacco are at high risk for leukoplakia. If it is not treated, leukoplakia can become oral cancer. Any long-lasting mouth changes should be checked by a doctor or dentist right away.

Unusual Vaginal Bleeding or Discharge

If you have gone through menopause, it is especially important to report unusual bleeding or spotting to your health care provider. These may be symptoms of uterine cancer. The majority of patients diagnosed with uterine sarcoma have complained of post-menopausal bleeding or, if still menstruating, spotting or bleeding between periods.
Bleeding from the vagina outside the normal menstrual cycle is a common symptom of cervical cancer. Bleeding from the rectum can mean colon cancer.

Thickening or lump in the breast or other parts of the Body

Many cancers can be felt through the skin. These cancers occur mostly in the breast, testicle, lymph nodes (glands), and the soft tissues of the body. A lump or thickening may be an early or late sign of cancer and should be reported to a doctor, especially if you have just found it or notice it has grown in size.
Always exam yourself regularly. If you find or notice a lump that wasn’t there before consult your doctor. The lump may be on the breast, testicle, lymph node, or soft tissue areas.

Persistent Unexplained Pain

If you have a nagging pain anywhere, back, neck, legs, etc., let your doctor know.

Indigestion or Trouble Swallowing

Indigestion or swallowing problems may be signs of cancer of the esophagus (the swallowing tube that goes to the stomach), stomach, or pharynx (throat). But like most symptoms on this list, they are most often caused by something other than cancer.
So If you are experiencing difficulty swallowing, you may have esophageal, stomach or throat cancer. Check with your doctor.

Sudden Weight Loss

Although this would be great, losing weight without trying, it is a sign over cancer. If you lose 10 pounds without trying, that could mean pancreatic, stomach, esophageal or lung cancer.

Change in the Appearance of a Mole

Any wart, mole, or freckle that changes color, size, or shape or that loses its sharp border should be seen by a doctor right away. Any other skin changes should be reported, too. A skin change may be a melanoma which, if found early, can be treated successfully.
Yup, even moles are a symptom of cancer. If you have noticed a new mole or change in color of a mole, you need to visit a dermatologist.

A nagging Cough or Hoarseness

A cough that does not go away may be a sign of lung cancer. Hoarseness can be a sign of cancer of the voice box (larynx) or thyroid gland
Coughing is usually a sign of lung congestion and trying to loosen the mucus that is trapped in the chest. Most coughs are not cancerous, but if your cough is persistent or bloody, you need to see a medical doctor immediately.

The signs and symptoms listed above are the ones more commonly seen with cancer, but there are many others that are less common and are not listed here. When these or other symptoms occur, they are not sure signs of cancer. Symptoms may be caused by infections, benign tumors, or other problems. It is important to see a doctor if you have any of these symptoms or if you are concerned about other changes in the body or the way you feel. Only a doctor can make a diagnosis.



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How To Gain Fast Weight Loss

Green World Weight Loss Package
– Shape you up and be fit.

Weight loss at present has become the focus worldwide not only because of the beautiful and attractive figure but also human health. The problem of obesity annoys different age groups from children to senile people. Maybe you are the grandmother, grandson or parents and you have spent too much time on losing weight without any effect. Here comes the good news for all people who want to get a healthy constitution. Green World Slimming Care Package is introduced to shape your body and uplift your spirit and let’s have a close look at obesity before we start.

What is obesity?slimming

Obesity is defined as a medical condition rather than a simple overweight problem because the excess fat can lead to a serious adverse effect on health and increase mortality risks. On average, obesity reduces life expectancy by six to seven years. Obesity has become one of the most serious public health problems (both in kids and adult) of the 21st century worldwide. In the United States, obesity is estimated to cause an excess 111,909 to 365,000 deaths per year, while 1 million deaths in the European Union. A research on seven African countries suggested an overwhelming 35% increase of overweight/obese people during the past decade due to the access to convenient foods with high content of fat and sugar.

However, people sometimes are confused with their weight. What indicates you are overweight or obese? That means you get the healthy weight? Green World here will introduce a measurement (BMI, body mass index) to you.

Metric: BMI = kilograms / meters2

US customary and imperial: BMI = Ib * 703 / in2

Where Ib is the subject’s weight in pounds and it is the subject’s height in inches.



<18.5 Underweight
18.5-24.9 Normal weight
25.0-29.9 Overweight
30.0-34.9 Class I obesity
35.0-39.9 Class II obesity
≥40.0 Class III obesity

Why do you need to maintain a normal weight?

The reason why you need to maintain a normal weight is your health rather than the appearance. Obesity increases the risk of many physical and mental diseases like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood lipid, fatty liver, cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease, respiratory problems and significantly shortens the lifespan.

What causes obesity? 

  • Diet

    Overtake of high calories food like meat, fast food, chocolate, pastry, and the sweetened beverages will cause excess fat accumulated in the human body. Alcoholic beverages are considered “empty” calories because alcohol contains no beneficial nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals. And if overeating is complemented with excessive drinking, it won’t take much time before you find yourself in a severe life-threatening problem of obesity.

  • Lack of physical activity

    Currently, at least 60% of the world’s population gets insufficient exercise. 25-35% of the population is inactive, meaning that they have sedentary jobs, no regular physical activity program and are generally inactive around the house or yard. It will eventually make you get obesity, lose fitness and increase the risk of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, colon cancer, and other health problems.

  • Genetics

    Genes also play an important role in the development of obesity. Children who have the obese parents are more likely to get obesity. A family history of obesity increases your chances of becoming obese by about 25 to 30 percent. Heredity does not destine you to be overweight, but by influencing the amount of body fat and fat distribution, genes can make you more susceptible to gaining weight.

  • Lack of sleep

    Studies find that the fewer people sleep, the more likely they are to be overweight or obese. People who report sleeping 5 hours a night, for example, are much more likely to compare with people who sleep 7-8 hours a night. Insulin is released during sleep that controls appetite and normalizes blood sugar level. People who don’t get enough sleep have insulin and blood sugar level that is similar to those in people who are likely to have diabetes. Also, people who don’t get enough sleep regularly seems to have high levels of a hormone called ghrelin (which causes hunger) and low levels of a hormone called leptin (which normally helps curb hunger).

How To Prevent And Treat Obesityweight

  • Diet

    Take a healthy diet with more fresh vegetables, fruit, and whole grains. Avoid frequenting the fast food chains. Keep junk food out of your house as well. If you really like stuff like pizza and burgers, indulge in them not more than once or twice a month.

  • Eat slowly & only when you are hungry

    Do not skip any of the three meals per day. Rather, divide them into small meals, stretched over a gap of 2-3 hours. At the same time, cut off high calories snacks in between the meals. Eat small portions of food and do not gulp them down. Do not stuff yourself with food when are not hungry. Eat only when your body signals you to have food. Eat slowly because the stomach takes some time to fell ‘full’.

  • Drink plenty of water

    Drink lots of water will help your body detoxify all the impurities present in the system. Doctors recommend you to take 8 -10 glasses of water every day. Remember, water cleanses and rejuvenates your skin as well.

  • Take regular physical exercise

    For the greatest overall health benefits, experts recommend that you do 20 to 30 minutes of aerobic activity three or more times a week and some types of muscle strengthening activity and stretching at least twice a week. However, if are unable to this level of activity, you can gain substantial health benefits by accumulating 30 minutes or more of moderate-intensity physical activity a day, at least five times a week.

  • Take the green world slimming care package

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    This products contains no hormone and has no adverse effects.

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    Obese people are more vulnerable to high blood pressure and high blood lipid. Green World Lipid Care Tea can regulate blood circulation, blood pressure; lower blood viscosity through the dilution and dissolution of lipid substance in the blood. Therefore it accelerates the fat metabolism through the boosting of liver function.

    Green World Meal Cellulose 

    Know as “the seventh nutrient”, Green World Meal Cellulose is a natural product extracted from vegetables, fruits, and fibers. It contains an appropriate scientific proportion of water-soluble and insoluble fiber which helps improve bowel movement, nourish the intestine and prevent constipation.

    Green World Intestine Cleansing Tea 

    This product is able to soften dry and hard stool, improve bowel movement and accelerate fat excretion from the intestine. It preserves youthful look by removing toxins; eliminates unpleasant breath; promotes normal bowel movement; supplements and balances nutrient.

    Chitosan Capsule chitosan

    Chitosan is called “the sixth element of life”. It can improve somnolence, relax the bowels, nourish the intestines, adsorb heavy metal ion, remove the metabolic waste and oxygen toxin in the blood vessel, restrain the absorption of glucose in the blood, improve the utilization of trypsin, decrease the blood fat and blood sugar. It helps with weight loss through the interaction and limitation of the fat absorption.

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