Ti-Energy Bracelet (Crystal Black Men’s Extended Edition): For Men

Tiens Ti-Energy Bracelet (Crystal Black Men’s Extended Edition)

Tiens Ti-Energy Bracelet. It is made up of – Titanium, Germanium and Magnets.”The Titanium improves blood circulation by adjusting the body current; it can effectively relieve soreness, pain or fatigue in most cases as well! Germanium helps neutralize free radicals without harming cells.


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Tiens Ti-Energy Bracelet (Crystal Black Men’s Extended Edition)

Tiens Ti-Energy Bracelet (Crystal Black Men’s Extended Edition) is made of pure and powerful materials. Titanium, Germanium, and Magnets help to produce a high level of ionizing radiation. They also work as a protective shield against electromagnetic charges that could possibly affect the wearer’s life force (chi). With this bracelet on you can be protected from various harmful factors and have higher energy levels at

The Titanium encourages blood circulation and relieves soreness, pain, or fatigue without giving harm to healthy cells. Germanium helps neutralize free radicals

The Tiens Ti-Energy Bracelet is a great way to relieve pain & take care of other physical needs. The magnets in the bracelet help your body rebalance more easily, which calms your nerves and makes you feel more relaxed. They also reduce blood viscosity, meaning it will flow better through vessels in your body.

This also helps to better circulate in-body ions and have them flow on their own accord. That way you can lead a fuller, more healthy life without having an ionized pool running alongside you at home.

Tiens Ti-Energy Bracelets are made with eco-safe material and provide benefits for your health that range from helping you regulate the balance of positive & negative ions to aiding blood flow. The magnetic fields inside them also keep it tight.


Health Benefits Of Tiens Ti-Energy Bracelet

  1. It relieves soreness.
  2. Promotes more healthy blood circulation.
  3. Effectively resist harmful radiation.
  4. Reduces blood viscosity and acidity in your system.
  5. Balances positive ion of the body with negative ion.
  6. Improves sleep quality and good bed rest.
  7. Neutralizes free radicals and discharges toxins.
  8. Metabolism Activator.
  9. Relieves fatigue, stiffness, and any form of pain.
  10. Enhances immunity.
  11. Increases focus and concentration.


  • To keep its functionality for a long time, it’s important to take off your bracelet before bathing or putting your hands into any liquid.
  • Make sure to avoid scraping or crashing the bracelet against other materials in your hand. This can cause damage.
  • Normally the bracelet can be worn together with a watch, phone, or credit card and does not need to stay close to them for long periods of time.
  • Keep the children’s attention by telling them about any jewelry to avoid contact with their mouths.

Not Recommended For

  • Children, pregnant or nursing mothers.
  • Individuals after transplantation.
  • Individuals with Implanted devices.
  • Cancer Patients.
  • Patients With active tuberculosis, type 1 (juvenile) diabetes, or bleedings from the digestive tract.
  • Individuals with wounds in places Where the bracelet touches the skin.
  • People with allergic skin reactions after using the bracelet


Titanium, Germanium, and Magnets

Suitable For

  • Men

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Weight0.3 kg
Dimensions12 × 5 × 10 cm


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Ti-Energy Bracelet (Crystal Black Men’s Extended Edition): For Men
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