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Vitamin E Softgel

Ingredients: vitamin E

Characteristics and benefits:

  1. A powerful antioxidant
  2. prevents and alleviates cardiovascular disease.’
  3. a cancer fighter.’
  4. beneficial for menstruation problems and fibrocystic breast disease

suitable for:

  • All people with insufficient daily vitamin E intake
  • People who intend to prevent or alleviate cardiovascular or cerebrovascular disease
  • Seniors
  • Woman who have pre-menstrual tension, fibrocystic breast disease, dark spots on the skin, menstruation problem, e t c.

Key knowledge:

Vitamin E is the collective name of soluble compounds with distinctive antioxidant activities. As a health adult, we need minimum 15mg {22.4 IU} of vitamin E very day from our diet.

  • Vitamin E and Antioxidant

Vitamin E’s antioxidant properties are important to maintain the integrity and stability of the cell membrane. For example, vitamin E protects lung that are in constant contact with oxygen and white blood cells that help fight disease.

Vitamin E can be beneficial to people with diabetes. It enhances the action of insulin and improves blood glucose metabolism by reducing oxidative stress.

As an antioxidant  with a powerful punch, vitamin help s prevent cancer, help disease, heart  disease, strokes, cataracts, and some of the signs of aging:

  • Protects cardiovascular system

Vitamin E protects evey  artery walls keeps the “bad” low-density lipoprotein {LDA} cholesterol from being oxidized. Oxidation of LDL cholesterol marks the beginning of clogged arteries. Vitamin E also keeps the blood thin by preventing blood platelets from clumping together. High levels of vitamin E in the body decrease the disk of a non-fatal heart attack or stroke in the most people,

  • Fights cancers

A dynamic cancer fighter, vitamin E protects cell and DNA from damage that can turn cancerous. It reduces the growth of tumors while enhancing immune function and preventing precancerous substances from being turned into carcinogens.

  • For women’s health

Women who suffer from fibrocystic breast disease can often fine relief with vitamin Supplementation. Fibrocystic breast disease is characterized by painful breasts. Sometimes with benign lumps or swelling, starting several days before the menstrual period .many women report that vitamin E helps reduce hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause. The spots caused by aging and ultraviolet ray damage can be alleviated by intake of vitamin E.

  • For nerve system

This humble nutrient keeps the nerve system healthy by protecting the myelin sheath that surround nerves. It also appears to appears to prevent mental degeneration due to aging, possibly including Alzheimer disease. Recent studies have reported improved short-term memory in order to adult who took supplemental vitamin E. while vitamin E may not make you live longer, it may help you live a little better as you order..

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