Vaginitis Infection Pack: A Powerful Combo to End Vaginitis


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Vaginitis Infections Pack

  • Enhances your body with the much-needed energy and vitality daily.
  • Helps to restore your feminine function by re-balancing your hormone system.
  • Combats all forms of infections; bacteria, viruses, and/or fungi.
  • Helps to treat all irregular menstruation.
  • Reduces depression, anxiety, and irritability.
  • Helps against Urine retention.
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NEOLIFE Vaginitis Infection Pack

The Neolife Vaginitis Infection Pack is a combination of superb supplements to handle cases of vaginitis. Vaginitis is an inflammation of the vagina, causing a white or yellow vaginal discharge, and a burning or itching sensation. Ailments of the vagina caused by bacteria infection usually affect people with diabetes or high blood sugar levels.
It’s a bacteria disease**
Symptoms: Whitish or yellowish discharge from the vagina; accompanied by burning or itching, which can lead to swelling and wounds on the vagina.

1. Vitamin A & D in 60 softgels

Promotes the growth and healing of the body’s tissues. Beneficial for healing of boils, lack of appetite.
Also, prevents colds, nervousness, and emphysema. Prevents diarrhea.
Helps maintain good vision and assists in bone development and maintenance of teeth.
Promotes the growth of visual purple which is essential for night vision.

2. Feminine Herbal Complex in 60 tablets

Helps for irregularities in menstruation.
Reduces heavy menstrual flow.
Calms menstrual cramps, bloating, and breast tenderness.
Reduces inflammation.
Promotes vitality and normal female function.
Relieves mild depression, mild anxiety, and stress.
Relieves urine retention and assist in the excretion of excess fluid.
Reduces excessive sweating.
Good for the irritable monthly cycle or have PMS
Helps with menstrual cramps.

3. Garlic Allium Complex in 60 tablets

Natural antibiotic that fights infection.
A landmark study in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute (Vol. 94 No.21) reports that men who ate 10     grams of allium vegetables, like garlic and onions, per day cut their prostate cancer risk by 50%.

4. Tre-en-en Grain Concentrates in 120 softgels

Helps the Cells function more efficiently by allowing nutrients to get in and waste to get out.
Neutralizes and eliminates liver fat that brings about liver malfunction, low sex drives, and blood fat.
Tre-en-en is the world’s first and only wholegrain Lipids and Sterols Supplements that optimizes cell membrane function.

5. Vitamin C. Sustained Release in 100 tablets

Vitamin C supports the proper functioning of the immune system in the body but is rarely obtained in sufficient quantities.
Sustained Release Vitamin C has 430 mg of vitamin C per tablet which is equivalent to the power of 8 oranges in each tablet.
Threshold controlled technology used in developing NEOLIFE’s Sustained Release Vitamin C helps maintain elevated blood levels of vitamin C with a slow release over 6 hours.
Highly potent and has high purity with citrus bioflavonoids and exclusive Neo-Plex Concentrate for whole food goodness.

6. Vitamin B. Complex in 60 tablets


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