Ulcer and Digestive Pack: Relief Ulcer and Clean The Digestive System


Green World Ulcer and Digestive Pack is a specially designed herbal packet that provides relief for the occasional stomach or ulcers discomfort. It contains over 25 different herbs in order to provide fast, natural pain-relief as well as promote good health through improved digestion!



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Ulcer and Digestive Pack

Parasitic infestation

Humans sometimes form relationships with parasites who feed off of them, so they will sometimes care for these small beings into adulthood. Although these relationships can be uncomfortable, parasites can provide enough food sources as long as they have support and the resources they need. Ulcer and Digestive Pack are many ways to help your body metabolize food. They reduce the risk of some of the symptoms that come with digestive ailments, and protect your body so it can lose a lot of nutrients.

The use of parasites can be regarded as a means to complete the lifecycle of animals which is physically harmful. But that’s only one part of their role in the ecosystem, and parasites help control population levels and provide shelter for others

Symptoms of parasite:

There are some classic symptoms like a fever, headache, vomiting, and sudden quick turns in temperature. This is followed by a string of rigors and fevers followed by chills and the temperature drops suddenly.


The transmission of malaria is exclusively through the bites of mosquitoes that bring the malaria parasites to the liver along with blood flow.

Preventive measure of parasites:

Vector control is the safest and most effective way to prevent malaria. Mosquito nets and insect repellents can be used to prevent mosquito bites and prevent the spread of mosquito-borne diseases. Bug spray is also helpful, but in this case it’s most effective to reduce where mosquitoes can lay eggs.

Types of parasites

  • Round worm

  • Hook worm

  • Pin worm

  • Tape worm

  • Amoebae

Hook worm

The hookworm is a common parasitic worm that lives in the small intestine of human.

Symptoms of Hookworm:

There are no specific symptoms for mild hookworm infection.  Hookworm is a parasitic infection but it can lead to debilitating symptoms including anemia, abdominal disorder, weight loss, and more. There’s even a chance the parasite could cause death in certain cases.


Pin worms are a type of parasites which causes infections in the stomach. They may cause symptoms like persistent itching, digestive troubles, and severe insomnia or irritability.


Tape worms are a kind of flat shape, long parasites that inhabit the digestive tract and absorb nutrients from the host’s blood.


Amoeba infection often occurs through the ingestion of mature cysts in fecal contamination food, water and hands. Patients infected with amoeba can have symptoms similar to malaria, which include fever and chills, diarrhea, anorexia and vomiting.

Ulcer and Digestive Pack

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