Trumann Capsule: For Erectile Dysfunction and Low Sperm Count


Trumann Capsule start working within 5 minutes of intake. It is 100% Natural Solution To Men Sexual Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Weak Erection And Low Libido.

Longreen Truman Capsules is a suitable Erection pills that can also be taking by people with heart disease and hypertension with a great effect on prostate.

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Trumann Capsule: Longreen Healthcare Product for Men

Longreen Trumann Capsule is a new sexual enhancement pill variety of pure biological medicine processed by the biological super polymerization technology. Functions of Longreen Truman Tablet is enhanced with the extracts of 26 kinds of nucleotide acid and ginseng glucoside and easy to absorb.

Longreen Trumann pills for men is developed to specifically address Erectile Dysfunction, Low Sperm Count, Double the male drive of kidney and enhance tolerance. Truman from Longreen would make you feel like a strong man with the significant effects on physical or mental ability to delay premature ejaculation, cure impotence and spermatorrhea.

This Supplement will help alleviate physical and weakness and any symptoms due to kidney weakness.

Trumann Longreen supplement can effectively activate PDA producing factors of adrenal gland renew sperm, accomplish multi-ejaculation and multi-orgasm. It can quickly renew the sperm after sex to avoid weariness and effect to kidney. It can prolong sexual intercourse and help you last as long up to 120 minutes.

Health Benefits Of Longreen Trumann Capsule

  1. It help to solve impotence in man and make you feel Strong.
  2. Helps to delay Premature ejaculation.
  3. Improve Libido and avoid sex lets you down.
  4. Increase penis length.
  5. Helps kidney weakness and penis atrophy of the old.
  6. It Assists the effects in Kidney function and avoid urgency of urination.
  7. Treat Prostrate Disorder and prostatic hyperplasia.
  8. It renews the sperm and helps male sterility.
  9. Help the male drive of kidney and tolerance.

Functions of Longreen Truman Tablet

Longreen Trumann Capsule health supplement is a safe and effective dietary supplement formulated to treat male related sexual problem and suitable for treatment of:

  • Premature ejaculation
  • Loss of desire for sex
  • Sexual Weakness
  • Difficulty in keeping an erection
  • Waist pains and other sex related complains

How Health Products of Longreen Healthcare Work?

  1. Male Sex power would be aroused quickly or enhanced after taken the capsule. It alleviate the worry of sex by giving you a strong urge or libido with a great effect on your partner.
  2. Promote sex time is as long as 120 min.
  3. It gives you ability to have multi-sex with multi-erection and orgasm.
  4. The penis won’t soften after ejaculation and replace sperm quickly.
  5. Start to work as soon as 5 min after taken the capsule by giving you a strong erection.
  6. Penis would be wider, bigger, higher rigidity after long period taken.
  7. The Penis may increase 2-3cm in a month without rebound.
  8. Longreen Trumann Capsule is suitable for people with heart disease and hypertension.
  9. It has great effect on prostate.

Dosage, Usage and Prescription For Trumann Capsule

  1. Each pack contain 10 capsule
  2. Take 1 capsule 5 min before sex. Only repeat every 3 days.
  3. Suitable for people with heart disease and hypertension.


  • If multi-erection with non-ejaculation happens during sex, please drinks cold water for therapy.
  • Do not take any other medicine together with Trumann.
  • Do not drink alcohol when taking Trumann capsule, it will depress the efficacy.
  • Please don’t take it with hypertensive medicine.
  • Do not take repeatedly within one day.


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Dimensions 5 × 3 × 10 cm


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