Splina Liquid Chlorophyll: For Proper Detox And Digestive System Cleansing

Edmark Splina Liquid Chlorophyll is extracted from the white mulberry plant into a concentrate. The chlorophyll in these plants provides a powerful green solution for cleaning and maintaining your pool or spa. As a result, helps to balance the body’s acid-alkaline levels. This product is made of 100% natural ingredients and contains no chemicals or additives like many other products on the market.

  • Promotes Cell Rejuvenation.

  • Boosts The Immune System.

  • Balances Body Acid-Alkaline Counts.

  • Increases Red Blood Cells.

  • Eliminates Body Odor & Other Skin Sores.

Quantity: 500ml
Recommendation: We recommend that you use this product for 2-3 months.


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Edmark Splina Liquid Chlorophyll

Splina Liquid Chlorophyll is derived from the white mulberry plant to form a concentrated extract. The chlorophyll present in this plant ensures an effective way of cleaning as well as sustaining your pool or spa. Generally, It is definitely the green answer for all your pool & spa maintenance needs.

Firstly, this product is a great choice for those looking to maintain their body’s delicate acid-alkaline balance. Undoubtedly, It is made from all-natural ingredients and does not contain any potentially harmful chemicals or additives like other products available on the market.

Secondly, Splina  Chlorophyll provides a powerful green solution for cleaning and maintaining your pool or spa. Thirdly, extracted from the white mulberry plant, this natural source of chlorophyll offers a safe and effective way to keep your pool clean and clear.

Additionally, not only does it help reduce bacteria, but it also helps improve water clarity, reduce chlorine use, and even eliminate odors. In addition, with its unique properties, Splina  Chlorophyll is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an eco-friendly way to maintain their pool or spa.

Edmark Splina Liquid Chlorophyll

Health Benefits of Edmark Splina Liquid Chlorophyll

  1. Encourages cell rejuvenation.
  2. Immune system booster.
  3. Balances the body’s acid-alkaline balance.
  4. Increases the number of red blood cells.
  5. Removes body odor and other skin sores.
  6. Removes Digestive Issues.
  7. Toxins are removed from the liver.
  8. Reduces toxins in the body caused by pesticides and chemicals.
  9. Improves wrinkles and slows down the aging process.
  10. Helps you lose weight faster.
  11. A fantastic source of nutrition

Dosage/How To Use Edmark Splina Liquid Chlorophyll

  • Combine one tablespoon of Splina Liquid Chlorophyll and 250ml cold water.
  • Take it twice a day.
  • The optimum times to take it on an empty stomach are in the morning and before going to bed.

Precautions and Side Effects

  • Keep in a cool, dry place.
  • There are no adverse effects.
  • If you are pregnant, do not consume or drink anything.

Key Ingredients

Chlorophyll is Extracted from a white mulberry plant.


  • 500ml


  • We recommend using this product for 2-3 months.

Suitable For

  • All ages.

Frequently Asked Questions Splina Liquid Chlorophyll


What is Splina Liquid Chlorophyll?

Splina Chlorophyll is a concentrated extract derived from the white mulberry plant. It is a natural source of chlorophyll and is used for cleaning and maintaining pools and spas, as well as for promoting a healthy acid-alkaline balance in the body.

 How does Splina Liquid Chlorophyll help maintain the pool and spa?

Splina Chlorophyll provides an effective and eco-friendly solution for cleaning and maintaining pools and spas. It helps reduce bacteria, improve water clarity, reduce chlorine use, and eliminate odors, making it a great choice for pool and spa maintenance.

What are the health benefits of Splina Liquid Chlorophyll?

Splina Liquid Chlorophyll offers several health benefits, including cell rejuvenation, immune system boosting, balancing the body’s acid-alkaline balance, increasing the number of red blood cells, removing body odor and skin sores, alleviating digestive issues, detoxifying the liver, reducing toxins in the body, improving wrinkles and slowing down the aging process, aiding weight loss, and providing essential nutrition.

 How should I take Splina Liquid Chlorophyll?

To enjoy the benefits of Splina Chlorophyll, you can mix one tablespoon of the liquid with 250ml of cold water. It is recommended to take it twice a day on an empty stomach, preferably in the morning and before going to bed.

Are there any precautions or side effects associated with Splina Liquid Chlorophyll?

Splina Liquid Chlorophyll is generally safe to consume and does not have any known adverse effects. However, it is advised to keep it in a cool, dry place. If you are pregnant, it is recommended to avoid consuming or drinking anything without consulting your healthcare provider.

 What are the key ingredients in Splina Liquid Chlorophyll?

The key ingredient in Splina Liquid Chlorophyll is chlorophyll, which is extracted from the white mulberry plant.

How much Splina Liquid Chlorophyll is included in a bottle?

Each bottle of Splina Chlorophyll contains 500ml of the product.

How long should I use Splina Liquid Chlorophyll?

It is recommended to use Splina Chlorophyll for 2-3 months to experience its full benefits.

 Is Splina Liquid Chlorophyll suitable for all ages?

Yes, Splina Chlorophyll is suitable for individuals of all ages.

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Edmark Splina Liquid ChlorophyllSplina Liquid Chlorophyll: For Proper Detox And Digestive System Cleansing
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