Shake Off Phyto Fiber Drink (Pandan Flavor): Edmark Colon Cleanser


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Edmark Shake Off Phyto Fiber is A Superior Colon Cleansing Health Drink Made From All Natural Ingredients That Sweeps And Flushes Out All The Toxins From Our Colon & Leaves It Clean And Healthy.
It comes in two great flavours: Panda and Lemon Flavor

Edmark Shake Off Phyto Fiber (Pandan Flavor): Healthy Colon Cleansing Drink

Edmark Shake Off Phyto Fiber drink is made of all-natural ingredients that help sweep and flush your colon with toxins. This helps to maintain a healthy digestive tract, which in turn leads to better overall health.

Our health relies heavily on our digestive system as it can be affected by unhealthy lifestyles such as poor quality food and water intake including drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes which lead to an infestation of harmful bacteria.

These unhealthy habit make one system more prone at developing intestinal problems like clogged fats and harmful bacteria infestation leading the way towards obesity -a debilitating disease itself.

Others include chronic diseases such as colorectal cancer, arteriosclerosis hypertension liver/kidney damage etc., These issues could be avoided by simply following a healthier diet consisting mostly on grains rich in fiber while drinking.

Health Benefits Edmark Shake Off Phyto Fiber

Taking shake Off Phyto Fiber drink give you effective results in about 8 hours, must drink plenty of water throughout the day. Health Benefit include:

  1. Shake off contain organic Ingredients With No Side Effects
  2. Fast, Effective & Affordable Way To Detox To Prevent Coprostasis & Colon Cancer.
  3. Promotes Weight Loss & Reduce Bad Cholesterol
  4. Good For Diabetic People.
  5. Promotes Growth Of Good Bacteria To Reduce Constipation.
  6. Cleanse and detoxify digestive system to maintain good health and promote longevity.
  7. It comes in two great flavours: Panda and Lemon Flavor

How To Take Edmark Shake Off Phyto Fiber Drink

The best time to take Edmark shake off phyto Fiber drink is in the morning on empty stomach and also before bed at night. To prepare follow the following instructions:

  1. Each pack contain 12 sachet.
  2. Pour content of 1 sachet in a shaker with a lid.
  3. Add 250 ml of cold or ordinary water at room temperature.
  4. Cover the lid and shake briskly for 15 seconds.
  5. Dink all the content immediately.
  6. Drink more water about 300ml afterward.

Ingredients and side effect of Shake Off

Shake Off Phyto Fiber have NO side effect. It can be use by all age.

The ingredient include: Plant Fiber, Roselle, Oats, and Garcinia Cambogia


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