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Propolis Capsule

Ingredients: Propolis, Radix Ginseng Extractum, Vegetable Oil

Characteristics and Benefits:

  1. Possesses antimicrobial properties against various bacterial and fungal infestations;
  2. Improves nutritional status and general well-being.

Suitable for:

  • People with chronic infection (bacterial, fungal and viral infection)
  • People with compromised immunity
  • People with sore throat, conjunctivitis, sinus congestion, colds, influenza, bronchitis, disorders of the ears, periodontal disease, pneumonia, bile infections, gastric ulcer, infection of the urinary tract, intestinal infections and eczema.

Key knowledge:

  • Nutritional value of propolis
    There ae more than 30 kinds of flavones compounds, various kinds of terpenes, 20 amino aciss, various vitamins, active enzymes, 34 trace elements like iron, zinc, chromes, selenium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, e.t.c. Propolis also contains 10 aromatic acids, 30 aromatic esters, over 30 fatty acids. Polysaccharides in propolis that are essential for the body.
  • History of Propolis
    Propolis has a long history of medicinal use, dating back to 350 B.C., the time of Aristotle. Greeks have used propolis for abscesses; Assyrians have used it for healing wounds and tumors; and Egyptians have used it for mummification. This natural bee products is renown of elixir”and “natural antibiotic”. About 1900 years ago, the ancient Roman encyclopedia “History of the Nature” mentioned a detailed description of source and effect of propolis.
  • Antiseptic and antimicrobial properties
    Research shows it offers antiseptic, antibiotic, antibacterial, antifungal, and even antiviral properties. Propolis is Nature’s premier preventive. It is so powerful in action, it is often called Russian penicillin in acknowledgement of the extensive research the Russians have mounted on this wonder work from the bees. Propolis demonstrates strong antimicrobial properties against various bacterial and fungal infestations. Even streptococcus bacterial have been shown sensitive to propolis.
  • Improves immunity
    Modern scientific studies indicate that those who take propolis regularly escape winter colds and sore throats and seem to develop a natural immunity to common viruses, including the various strains of flu.
  • A natural antibiotic
    Chemical antibiotics destroy all bacteria in the body, both the friendly, (necessary flora required for healthy functioning in the entire gastrointestinal tract) and the bad intestinal flora. An individual who constantly takes prescribed antibiotics for one condition after another soon learns the fact that the medication may no longer work as effectively as they once did. The invasive micro-organism gradually develop resistance against the medication. Propolis, the natural antibiotic, works against harmful bacteria without destroying the friendly bacteria the body needs.
  • Multiple functions
    Propolis has also been proven effective against strains of bacteria that resist chemical antibiotics. The field of influence of propolis is extremely broad. It includes cancer, infection of the urinary tract, swelling of the throat, gout, open wounds, sinus congestion, colds, influenza, bronchitis, gastiritis, diseases of the ears, periodontal diseases, intestinal infection, ulcers, eczema eruptions, pneumonia, arthritis, lung disease, stomach virus, circulation deficiencies, warts, conjunctivitis, and hoarseness.
  • Caution:
    Unstable for babies, infants, pregnant women or hypersensitive people, especially who are allergic to honey and other bee products. Halve the dosage for minors aged 10 to 18.
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