Pro-health Baby Diapers S70: Cares For Your Baby’s Soft Skin


Greenleaf Pro-health Baby Diapers S70

While we all want our babies to be healthy and happy, sometimes their sweet little bottoms need protection from the outside world. That’s where Greenleaf Pro-health Baby Diapers S70 come in! These 100% chemical free diapers will last up 12 hours on average before changing is necessary.

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Greenleaf Pro-health Baby Diapers S70

Pro-health baby diapers come in different sizes. S70 means large and contains 70 pieces. They are also great if you notice rashes developing on your baby’s bum. Studies have shown that these baby diapers can help alleviate those rashes when they come up from time to time.

All parents want their babies to be happy and healthy, so sometimes you need a good diaper to keep them safe for when they start crawling. That’s where Greenleaf Pro-health Baby Diapers S70 comes in! These chemical-free diapers on average last up to 12 hours before needing to be changed.

The patented design of the baby diaper offers a snug fit around your hips and close adhesion to keep leaks at bay. This design also provides soft, flexible core functionality. The material used is PH-friendly as it’s made for your baby’s delicate skin.

The M-type ventilation helps reduce the risk of irritation from diaper odor, which is often caused by unpleasant odors being trapped in the air. It quickly evaporates to keep things nice and fresh inside and outside, without any serious hygiene issues even when I’m sitting down, this product goes high enough to protect everything from splash.

Greenleaf Pro-health baby diapers are the only option for your little one. The velcro on these can easily go back to its original, be flexible, and their elastic waistband keeps them comfortable when wearing them all day . The color indicator on the diaper will show a change from green to yellow when you need to go.

Health Benefits Of Greenleaf Pro-health Baby Diapers S70

  1. Prevents Baby from getting a red bottom.

  2. Prevents leakage of urine while keeping baby dry.

  3. Fits the baby’s curve and makes the baby at ease.

  4. More breathable and cares for your baby’s soft skin.


  • Spread the diaper and put the left and right waist barriers on the back of the baby’s bottom.

  • Stretch the back waist barrier with proper force and stick the rubber-free waist barrier to the front.

  • Put the ruffle outside to prevent leakage of urine.


Patented design, Folding leakage barrier technology, Cotton

Suitable For

  • Babies


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