Tiens Positive-Energy Music Cushion: Relieves Stress With Sounds

Tiens Positive-Energy Music Cushion

Just Seat or relax on this cushion while listening to your music, it will turn those sounds into 16-160Hz low frequency resonance energy and send them deep into your body where they’ll resonate with organ tissue as well as cells. Relieving physical problems like pain or stress in an instant without having any negative side effects whatsoever.


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Tiens Positive-Energy Music Cushion

Tiens Positive -Energy Music Cushion which transforms your favorite tunes into low frequency sounds that are easier on your nerves. We used to turn up the volume on our favorite music when we wanted peace and quiet. But, the world is now filled with noise—even at home! You can find some peace again

Sit or lie on this cushion and listen to your music. It will convert the sound waves into low-frequency resonance energy and send them deeply into your body, where they’ll affect anything from organs to cells. The best way to relieve a physical pain is to use our fast, easy and guaranteed mental technique. You’ll never know the difference!

Body music therapy helps stimulate the nervous and cardiovascular systems with new music to improve their function. This product  can help us secrete ‘active substances’ that keep everything running smoothly!

Connective tissue also regulates blood vessel diameter and speeds up nervous impulses – which means less cramp when exercising.

The Tiens Positive Energy Music Cushion can help people relieve mental exhaustion, promote sleep, and maintain their health. It emits sound waves in regular rhythmic patterns with the rhythm of our body’s natural movements to produce a physical energy them. These resonations between our internal cells influence the brainwave, heart rate or respiratory pattern and help those who use them to reduce their stress levels.

Tiens Positive-Energy Music Cushion

Health Benefits Of Tiens Positive-Energy Music Cushion

  1. Effectively relieve insomnia.

  2. Reduces depression.

  3. Can relax our nervous system.


  • In order to reach the best performance of biological resonation, please listen to music while feeling vibration.

  • 30 minutes for each therapy (one music prescription)

Recommended For People

  • Sit for long time in the office and don’t exercises.

  • Have restless sleep and  look forward to improving sleep quality.

  • Are anxious, nervous and depressed.

  • Want to protect reproductive system, especially for those male prostatic disorders.

  • Are suffering from constipation and haemorrhoids.

  • Are suffering from hyperactivity and study tiredness.

  • Can not control their appetite.

  • Want to lose weight.

  • Are suffering from high blood pressure


Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 10 cm


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Tiens Positive-Energy Music Cushion: Relieves Stress With Sounds
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