Norland STD and Infection Pack: A 100% Natural Treatment


Norland STD and Infection Pack

Norland STD and Infection Pack is a combination of Norland products to treat all kinds of infections.

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Norland STD and Infection Pack

Norland STD and Infection Pack is a 100% all natural treatment. It is a combination of several carefully selected norland products. These products were selected to handle sexually transmitted diseases with a relatively short period of time.

Sexually transmitted Disease (STD’s) are diseases you catch after having sex with someone already with an STD. You don’t need to have repeated sex with the person, once is quite enough to get infected. These disesas include: Gonorrhea, Herpes, Syphilis, even pubic lice and so many othres.

STDs, venereal disease, or sexually transmitted diseases. These are real threats to the health of many people today. A lot of people engage in unsafe sexual practices, as a result there seems to be a constant presences of this diseases. Infact it is said that about 25% of Americans between the age of 15 and 55 are struggling with one form of sexually transmitted infection or another.

To make matters worse a lot of theses diseases are now resistant to conventional medications for one reason or the other. However, there are some natural treatments that seem to get the job done. Thats why we have the Norland STD and Infection pack.

Norland STD and Infection Pack Combo

  • G I Vital Soft Gels.
  • Immune +.
  • Calcium Iron Zinc.
  • Mebo GI.
  • Oligopeptides.
  • Propolis-Lecithin Capsules

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 8 × 12 cm


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