Massage Tapper: Gives Invigorating Massages


Tasly Massage Tapper

Tasly Massage Tapper is a sleek power-packed handheld massager that taps deep into muscle tissue where the aches and fatigue are. Easy to use whether you are massaging shoulders, neck, lower back or even the soles of your feet! Ergonomically designed and lightweight. Two speeds switch suits your need.

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Tasly Massage Tapper

Tasly massage tappers are durable, sleek, and powerful devices that allow you to stop your aching muscles from ever having to tell of their burden. This massager is great for use on your neck, shoulders, or back and is really easy to use. It has a memory foam cushion and comes with two powers, allowing you to select the right one for you.

Tasly’s Massage Tapper is one of the lightest tapping massagers in its class. But having a unique weight distribution system magnifies the intensity of the massage and delivers maximum results with minimum effort.

This device offers you the flexibility to set your preferred massage intensity. High-speed tapping provides deep tissue relief for large muscle groups, while low-speed tapping helps to loosen muscle knots in your body.

Tasly Massage Tappers make use of vibrations in order to massage your muscles. This is done by tapping the device and so each tap results in a quick vibration, which presses and releases tissues in an up-and-down movement. A vibration massage creates a vibrating and shaking motion in your muscles, which can be performed to feel either soothing or stimulating.

Vibrations can be used to both help loosen & warm up tight muscles and increase circulation. Vibrating techniques increase the temperature of the skin by creating friction with the surface.

Tasly Massage Tapper

Health Benefits Of Tasly Massage Tapper:

  • Relieving pain and stress

  • Relaxation massage

  • Neck, back, head, shoulders, calves, and soles massage

  • Injuries Recovery

  • Promote blood circulation and metabolism.

Dosage and Administration:

  • Use at your discretion.

  • No side effect

Features And Functions

  • Invigorating massage.

  • Soothing heat

  • Custom heat attachment heads for soothing heat with massage

  • Choose from gentle to invigorating at the slide of a switch Includes two custom attachment sets

  • Easy to grip

  • Vibration massage works together with hot-pack leisure devices.

  • The streamlined long handles design.

  • Attach two sets of detachable massage parts.

  • Intellectualize a time control system, safe and comfortable.

Suitable For:

  • Adults


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