Man and Woman Love Tea: For Male and Female Libido


Wins Town Man and Woman Love Tea

Wins Town Man and woman Love Tea is a 100% natural, herbal tea. It’s made from a mixture of herbs that are grown with treating sexual health problems in mind. The plants used for this tea have been used for centuries in Chinese medicine as remedies for various ailments. This tea has no side effects.

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Wins Town Man and Woman Love Tea

Wins Town Man and woman Love Tea is a 100% herbal tea.  Therefore it contains multiple ingredients that are specially designed to benefit sexual health. It’s been used for centuries in Chinese medicine and popularized by the health-conscious population. It is completely safe and has no side effects.

With Man and Woman Love Tea, you can start your day with a full spirit. At tea time, you can enjoy its calming effects and leave the rest of your busy work life behind. The stress of work largely fades away and it’s easy to settle in for a relaxing night. Plus it’s delicious and can help you sleep better.

This Man and Woman Love Tea is infused with high-quality Maca, a root from South America focusing on energy and combat fatigue. It also contains cordyceps, a parasitic fungus found in Tibet that has been used for thousands of years to Your company’s anti-aging and fatigue effects are also promising, strengthen the immune system and reduce blood pressure. These findings about the effects of Polyphenols in this product are quite exciting. The anti-aging and fatigue effects are also promising!

. As one of the best Yogurt flavors, Tea Wins Town makes you feel happy. Let’s get energy levels up and fight fatigue with these amazing products by Drink Wins Town. Get Wins don’t have to be boring, or just plain tea! Man and Woman Love Tea re  infused with a blend of health benefits and other ingredients that make them a great choice for morning drinks. Women will love the body-friendly energy they provide and men will find the energy invigorating. As a dietary supplement, it’s an effective way of boosting your energy levels and supporting healthy digestion. It doesn’t have the side effects that commonly happen with other types of drugs.

Man and Woman Love Tea

Health Benefits of Wins Town Man and Woman Love Tea

  1. Nourish and regulate kidney.

  2. Improve quality of sexual life for male and female.

  3. Strengthen the body and restore physical strength.

  4. Improve memory.

  5. Treat impotence and premature ejaculation.

Dosage and Administration

  • 1-2 teabags a time, then add fresh boiled water and leave it for 3-4 minutes and it is ready for drinking.

  • Take it half an hour after meal and two times a day.

Precaution/Side of Effect

  • Don’t exceed the recommended dosage.

  • Keep bottle tightly closed.

  • Store in a cool place at room temperature.

  • Keep out of reach of children.

  •  No side effects.

Key Ingredients

Maca powder , cordyceps militaris, epimedium brevicornu maxim, desertliving cistanche, polygonatum sibiricum red, chinese wolfberry fruit, korean raspberry, chinese yam, red dates, chinese cinnamon / cassia, sharpleaf galangal fruit malang powder, cordyceps militaris, medlar, polygonatum, raspberry, cat whisker grass


  • 20 bags per box

Recommended Boxes

  • We recommend using as many as you require

Suitable for

  •  Adults ( Men and Women)


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