Lecithin Softgel: Brain Health and Skin Nourishment


Lecithin Capsules provide a number of benefits to your body. They can improve intelligence and memory, as well as help prevent the onset of senile dementia. Lecithin is also great for nourishing skin cells which will lead to an improved complexion!

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Green World Lecithin Softgel

Green World Lecithin Softgel is a great source of high-quality lecithin. It contains up to 60% lecithin which is a nutrient that can help with your brain function as well as your skin and hair.

Lecithin is a nutrient that helps with brain function and liver health. You should make sure and have a healthy diet filled with this nutritious ingredient.

Lecithin can give energy by helping with cell functions in our bodies while also preventing disease through powerful antioxidants.

Green World has been formulated with cognitive benefits in mind, and their capsules are designed to help support mental clarity and performance, maintain brain health, and protect the memory functions of our customers.

Green World Lecithin Capsules are designed with the newest cognitive enhancement technology. These capsules have been formulated to naturally support mental clarity and performance, maintain brain health, and promote an overall sense of wellness.

Key Knowledge:

  • A Keystone for healthy cell Membranes

    Lecithin is the basic material for life, the more lecithin content in the body, the stronger the metabolism, immunity, renewable ability, and body health.
    Lecithin is a necessary component of every cell in the human body. Considered a keystone in the construction of cells, lecithin prevents the hardening of cell membranes. Protecting cells is integral in maintaining a body’s resistance to many diseases that attack damaged cells.

  • A Brain Care Food

    The higher the amount of lecithin, the quicker and stronger the transportation and memory respectively. It is recommended “brain care food”. Green world lecithin softgel is good for your health.

  • A Cardiovascular Protector

    The lubrication provided by lecithin creates a slippery lining on which it is difficult for large, fatty deposits to adhere. When large deposits of fat cannot adhere to specific regions of the body, they are transported to the liver where they are metabolized and converted to energy. Improved circulation seen as a result of lecithin supplementation helps to prevent blood clots and maintain the health of the liver through which excess fats and energy-providing substances will pass.

  • Liver Enhancer

    Accelerating the renewal of the liver cells, it can prevent fatty liver and hepatic cirrhosis, and resume liver function. The emulsification of lecithin can resolve and prevent its aggradation, thus prevents gall stone radically.

Benefits of Lecithin Softgel

  1. An essential constituent for healthy cell membranes.
  2. Strengthens the nervous system and nourishes the brain.
  3. Lowers blood lipid through transforming LDL to HDL.
  4. Protect the liver and enhance liver functions

Suitable for:

  • People intend to improve memory or alertness of the central nervous system
  • Those people with high blood lipid, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases
  • People with acute or chronic liver disorders such as fatty liver hepatitis and liver cirrhoses

 Recommended Use of Lecithin Softgel

  1. Each bottle contains 1200 mg x 100 capsules
  2. Take 1-2 capsules a day.
  3. For those with high blood pressure, high blood lipid, and high blood sugar.
  4. For those who intend to prevent cerebra- or cardiovascular diseases.
  5. Those who intend to improve memory or prevent senile dementia.
  6. For those who drink excessively or have liver dysfunction.
  7. For those with rough skin, Stretch marks, or age spots.


Natural Soybean Lecithin & 720mg/softgel


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