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Ingredients: Rhizoma Dioscoreae, Fructus Lycii, Radix Ginseng, Cornu Cervi Pantotrichum, cortex Cinnamomi, Semen Euryales, Concha Ostreae, Flos Chrysanthemi

Characteristics and Benefits:

  1. Invigorates the kidney and improves the function of infiltration;
  2. Removes the toxins accumulated in the kidneys;
  3. Improve sexual desire and quality of intercourse

Suitable for:

  • Males with compromised immunity
  • Male with impotence caused by weakened kidney function

Key knowledge: 

  • Kidney meridian at the view point of TCM
    Known as the “Minister of power”, the kidney is regarded as the body’s most important reservoir of essential energy. The original prenatal energy (Yuan Qi) which forms the basis of life is stored in the kidney, which is why the kidneys are also known as the “Root of life”. In the Chinese view, the kidney meridian also includes the adrenal glands that secret a wide range of essential hormones regulating metabolism, excretion, immunity, sexual potency and fertility. The kidney meridian is extended to what the Chinese call the “external kidney”: the testicles in men and the ovaries in women. Thus the kidney controls sexual and reproductive functions and provides the body’s prime source of sexual vitality, which the Chinese regard as a major indicator of health and immunity
  • Fructus Lycii is considered an extraordinary supplement which delays aging. It improves eyesight through enhancing liver functions and boosts sexuality in both men and women through nourishing the kidneys.
  • Rhizoma Dioscoreae is constituted with a broad range of nutritional components such as vitamins, amino acids and minerals. It is also known as Chinese Yam which has long been used to regulate the metabolism of fat. The polysaccharides in Rhizoma Dioscoreae can protect the pancreas islet cells that produce insulin. Both traditional practice and modern research have proved that Rhizoma Dioscoreae can improve immunity, prevent atheroscleroses, strengthen heart functioning and delay aging.
  • Radix Ginseng is well known in both western and Eastern culture for its unique properties of improving immunity and enhancing stamina of the body.
  • Concha Ostreae contains 18 amino acids, vitamin B complex, taurine, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, etc. It has been used as a herb to boost sexuality of men as well as invigorate the kidney to preserve essence energy of the body
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