Imuniti: Anti-Bacteria, Viruses and Other Microorganisms.


Gaurapad Imuniti supports body immunity and promotes blood circulation. The product contains highly potent ingredients that are beneficial for people suffering from various infections cause by Bacteria and Viruses.

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What is Gaurapad Imuniti and How Does It Work?

Gaurapad Imuniti is a potent formula from Ionics Research. It is a natural, rapid-action solution for the restoration of the immune system and the elimination of bacteria and viruses.

This natural product has the combined potency of Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi, prunella Vulgaris L, Spatholobus suberectus Dunn, and sapan wood. These herbs are not only highly potent but they have been extracted according to a proprietary protocol. This ensures the integrity of the active ingredients

Gaurapad Imuniti has a broad spectrum capability, due to its ability to either kill off or inhibit the reproductive system of bacteria and viruses. The carefully selected ingredients work synergistically to reinforce the immune system.

This product is an important contribution to countering the growing scourge of immune deficiency. It goes on working unrelentingly, reaching particular areas where it is most needed in the body.

Uses and Benefit of Gaurapad Imuniti

Gaurapad Imuniti supports body immunity and promotes blood circulation. The product contains ingredients that are highly beneficial for people suffering from:

  1. Immune system disorders (HIV/AIDS)
  2. Fibroid
  3. Stroke
  4. Cancer
  5. Prostrate enlargement
  6. Respiratory conditions
  7. Typhoid fever
  8. Impotence
  9. Peptic ulcer disease
  10. Bacterial and viral infection.
  11. Urinary Tract Infections
  12. Breast Issues cancer

Direction How To Use Gaurapad Imuniti

Gaurapad imuniti has an imuniti patch which you change every 24hrs and a pair of imuniti flux which are placed horizontally along the arch of the soles of both feet. imuniti flux is changed every 12hrs.

Follow the following steps for General usage:

  1. Cleanse the skin and peel the paper from the adhesive.
  2. Place an Imuniti patch on the affected body area according to the protocols described in the manual.
  3. For Fibroid treatment, place on the pubic area which is the region just above the genital. Ensure the pubic hair is shaved off and do not apply to broken skin.
  4. Change the patch once a day
  5. For Fibroid do an Ultrasound scan before using it to follow up progress.
  6. Usage For Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases such as vagina cyst, and staphylococcus
    It is recommended to use Imuniti protocol 2 and Gaurapad Antitoxin.
  7. For migraine, refer to imuniti protocol 5. it is always important to investigate cases and deal with causal factors once and for all.
  8. The treatment period lasts from one month to three months. See manual for details.

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