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High Blood Pressure Killer Combo

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High Blood Pressure The Silent Killer

High blood pressure is often called the “silent killer” because most people don’t even know they have it and they can die without a warning. This is as serious of a health concern as you can possibly have it.

 Look at the grim statistics the American Heart Association provides on High Blood Pressure:

  • High blood pressure (hypertension) killed 46,765 Americans in 2001. It was listed as a primary or contributing cause of death in about 251,000 U.S. deaths in 2000.


  • As many as 80 million Nigerians have high blood pressure.


  • One in five Nigerians (and one in four adults) has high blood pressure.


  • Of those people with high blood pressure, 30 percent don’t know they have it.


  • Of all people with high blood pressure, 11 percent aren’t on therapy (special diet or drugs), 25 percent are on inadequate therapy, and 34 percent are on adequate therapy.


  • The cause of 90–95 percent of the cases of high blood pressure isn’t known; however, high blood pressure is easily detected and usually controllable.


  • High blood pressure affects more than 40 percent of African Americans.

Hypertension Does Not Go Away On Its Own, Take Charge of Your Cardiovascular Health:  Don’t wait until you actually have a heart attack! Do something about this reversible health condition right now! 

Take a look at the consequences when you leave your high blood pressure untreated

  • High blood pressure can lead to a fatal heart attack
  • How high blood pressure leads to the stiffening of the heart muscle
  • High blood pressure can lead to the enlargement of the heart
  • The condition can lead to a disabling disorder of the brain called vascular dementia
  • Memory loss, confusion and sometimes loss of speech can get worse over time thanks to high blood pressure
  • High blood pressure can lead to kidney problems and kidney failure
  • High blood pressure can eventually lead to a toxic bloodstream full of circulating poisons
  • The condition can lead to burst blood vessel in the eye as well as blindness
  • High blood pressure leads to swollen ankles leading to difficulty in walking
  • High blood pressure makes your heart less efficient so that blood accumulates in places in your body where it absolutely shouldn’t
  • High blood pressure causes the cramping and narrowing of the arteries characterized by the potentially very serious condition called peripheral arterial disease
  • High blood pressure can lead to impotence in men
  • High blood pressure can contribute to a high-risk pregnancy (pre-eclampsia)
  • Having high blood pressure can be a contributing factor when it comes to causing diabetes and make the condition worse if you already have a blood sugar disorder


High Blood Pressure Shrinks Your Brain!

Having high blood pressure is not just a threat to my cardiovascular system; it is actually a threat to the brain. New research has found that high blood pressure shrinks your brain.

If you are getting the picture of how serious this is just remember that this can be treated. It can be prevented. That is why they say it is a “modifiable” risk factor. That’s where these supplements come in. It helps to lower your blood pressure, totally naturally by providing you the same medication that many have used with wonderful result.

 No Side Effects…

To be very blunt – what I’m offering you is an all-natural food supplements for lowering your blood pressure without harmful side effects. To say this again because it is important. This all-natural Solution has no side effects. It uses the body the way it was designed to be used to drop your blood pressure.

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