GoYin On The Go: Comes In Convenient Sleeves


Live Pure GoYin On The Go

With a blend of fruits and spices to help you stay calm, Live Pure GoYin will give your body what it needs to deal with everyday challenges. This product is created on the premise of over 5 thousand years worth tradition in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In today’s fast-paced world our bodies often face more than they can handle without assistance. You can get your assistance from this great tasting supplement!

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Live Pure GoYin On The Go

 Live Pure GoYin On The Go will provide your body with the tools it needs. As well as, this product is created on the premise of over 5 thousand years’ worth of tradition in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been practiced for over 5 thousand years. Throughout this time, it has been proven to be a very effective treatment for many acute and chronic illnesses. Though the principles of TCM are not yet fully understood, it is clear that these techniques are working.

With the stresses of modern life, our bodies need help! Try this supplement to give your day-to-day activities the boost they need and get a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals in the process. Packed with a proprietary blend of fruits and herbs designed to keep you energetic. Contains B6, an essential nutrient for energy production in the body from the food we eat; also delivers all the benefits that Vitamins do.

Made entirely out of natural ingredients too so this drink has got everything goin’ on – not only will your physical health improve but mental clarity can be achieved as well thanks to its rich citrus flavors combined together beautifully based on traditional Asian herbal practices. All while being vegan? Yes indeed!!!

In a preliminary study of 100 healthy, stressed individuals GoYin improved their overall feelings of vigor and well-being. They also reported decreased levels of gloom as well as tension or fatigue.”

GoYin On The Go

Health Benefits Of Live Pure GoYin:

  1. Relieving Stress and Fatigue in the body

  2. Promotes balance

  3. Healthy energy

  4. Mood enhancement

Dosage and Administration:

  • For 12 Years of Age and Older: Take 1 sleeve (2 fl. oz.) on an empty stomach in the morning and afternoon or as directed by your healthcare provider.

  • For children 6 through 11 Years of Age: Do not exceed 1 sleeve (2 fl. oz.) daily. Take on an empty stomach in the morning or the evening or as directed by your healthcare provider.

  • Additional servings may be taken throughout the day if desired.

  • May be taken alone or mixed with other natural fruit juices.

  • Refrigerate after opening.

  • If you are pregnant, nursing, taking a prescription medication, or have a medical condition, consult a physician before using this product

Key Ingredients:

Astragalus, Jujube date, Gac, Hawthorn, Schisandra, Ginger, Tangerine peel, Lychee, Longan, Goji, Cili

Suitable For:

  • All ages


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