Fujian Cup Filter: Special Filter For Your Energy Cup


Longrich Fujian Cup Filter

The benefits of drinking long, alkaline water are many. But did you know there’s a special filter for your Energy Cup? Here comes Longrich Fujian Cup Filter. It will transform poor quality tap or bottled brands into high-quality drinks that contain trace minerals from natural underground sources!

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Longrich Fujian Cup Filter

The  Longrich Fujian Cup Filter will do wonders for your water by filtering out the stuff that might not be so great for you. They remove contaminants and provide a trace of minerals from natural underground sources that will keep you feeling amazing!

The benefits of drinking long alkaline water are plentiful. However, did you know that there’s a special filter for your Energy Cup?

What to know about Fujian Cup Filter

Drinking tap water is not always the best choice due to potential water pollution. Do you know what’s in it?. The Longrich Alkaline Water Ionizer Filter replacement is an essential new addition to your household. It will help provide you with all the benefits of ionized water and improve your health, safely and efficiently. This component will allow you to quickly and effortlessly exchange worn-out filters so you can get back to work.

You should pour 50mlmls worth of warm, hot vinegar into the device before letting it sit for 10 minutes, experts say.

Many people don’t know that the vinegar will loosen any scale on the kettle. Experts recommend heating the vinegar to 50 degrees Celsius before pouring it into your kettle. Let it sit for 10 minutes and then pour it out.

On the cold, wintery days of recent weeks, the popular home remedy for sore throat has been vinegar.

After every 12 months, make sure to rinse the inside of your device with water before use. This will help it stay clean and prevent infections.

Fujian Cup Filter

Health Benefits of Longrich Fujian Cup Filter

  1. Prevents the build-up of harmful substances.

Dosage And Administration

  • Open the upper lip of the Fujian Cup.

  • Turn and remove the filter from the upper lip.

  • Change and replace the old filter with the new one.

  • Pour 50ml of vinegar with warm/hot water and rinse the filter 3-5 minutes before use.

  • It is recommended to change the filter once a year.



Suitable For

  • All ages


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Dimensions 12 × 5 × 8 cm


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