Eve’s Desire: Women Sexual Performance And Satisfaction


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Eve’s Desire is a rich blend scientifically formulated to improve sexual performance and satisfaction in women.

  • Increase healthy sexual urge (libido)
  • Improve Sexual performance and satisfaction in women
  • Enhance enjoyment and reduce feelings of fatigue
  • Regulate hormonal levels in women
  • Alleviate menopausal symptoms
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Nature’s Field Eve’s Desire is a rich blend of special herbs in a tablet scientifically formulated to enhance libido, sexual response, and enjoyment in women. Eve’s Desire helps improve vaginal lubrication and orgasm for maximum sexual satisfaction. Low libido is a common problem among women, in terms of sexual performance. This may affect your relationship or marriage if not treated.  Eve’s desire has all of the elements of an ideal supplement for female sexual dysfunction.

Rich blend of herbs and nutrients in Nature’s Field Eve’s Desire

Maca root powder: Maca helps improve vaginal dryness in women and restore sexual desire.
Wild yam root extractWild yam improves libido in menopausal women while also improving levels of sex hormones.
Vitamin B6: It also helps a woman reach orgasm and increases sexual stamina.
American Ginseng Root Extract: It helps to calm the body, increase energy and enhance libido (sex drive).
L- histidine (as HCl): It improves sexual response in a woman and subsequently responsible for triggering an orgasm.
Soy isoflavones: It helps to reduced hot flashes, vaginal dryness, or other symptoms of menopause.
7-Keto DHEA: Helps to raise energy levels for improved sexual function and performance
Ginger Root: stimulates arousal and packs sex drive in woman
-NADH: stimulates cellular production of the neurotransmitters for improving mental clarity, alertness, and concentration
CDP Choline: Promotes brain metabolism by enhancing the synthesis of acetylcholine.

How Eve’s Desire can help your sex life

Eve’s Desire from Nature’s Field is a natural sexual support formula that;
-Improve sexual performance and satisfaction in women
–Enhanced sexual desire, response, and performance
-Increase healthy sexual urge (libido)
-Enhance enjoyment and reduce feelings of fatigue during sex
-Regulate hormonal levels in women
-Alleviate menopausal symptoms
-Improves vaginal lubrication
-Promotes attainment of orgasm in women
-Regulates hormonal levels in women
-Improves nutrient availability, boosts digestion and nutrient absorption

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