Enerchi Diffuser: Plaster, Shield The Body Against EMF Radiation


EnerChi Diffuser is specifically built to protect against electro pollution, thus lessens risks of health consequences brought about by EMF radiation.

With EnerChi Diffuser, we get to enjoy the convenience of all our electronic devises without the fear of getting harmful effects of EMF radiation!

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Enerchi Diffuser Anti-Radiation

Health effects of EMF radiation are a growing concern. Radiation can cause serious health consequences such as cancer and infertility. It’s important to take steps to reduce your exposure. The EnerChi Diffuser is specifically made to protect against electro pollution, thus lessening the risk of health consequences brought about by EMF radiation.

Enerchi DiffuserWith the influx of EMF radiation from our electronic devices, it has become a new health concern. Therefore, EnerChi Diffusers are a natural way to alleviate EMF radiation and help you live a healthier lifestyle.

Ener-Chi diffusers are thin disks that you can stick onto any of your electronic devices. Such as cellular phones, laptops, tablets and others to counteract the serious and long-term harmful effects of EMFs. The disks transmit a field that is similar to the Earth’s natural magnetic field and has been shown to reduce stress levels, promote relaxation, balance moods and reduce anxiet

The technology behind the Ener-Chi Diffuser is not new. In fact, it dates back to the 17th century when Japanese Samurai were using a sort of waterless boiling technique to heal their wounds.

We live in a world where electronic devices are everywhere.  As a result, an averaged person in modern society spends about 10 hours a day on a screen. From the time we wake up in the morning to the time we go to bed at night, there is no escaping the influence of these devices.


Enerchi DiffuserBenefits of Enerchi Diffuser
 It can be use for any electronic devices like Tablets, Laptops, desktop etc.
 Lowers down the impact of Lower Magnetic Radiation/ EMF
 EnerChi has a clinical Studies
 Enerchi infusion from vital Force Technology Oregon USA.


diffuser Diffuser diffuser diffuser


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Dimensions 4 × 1 × 8 cm


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