Compound Marrow Powder: Improves Memory and Osteoporosis


Green World Compound Marrow Powder help improves hematopoietic function, enhances memory and improves osteoporosis. Recommended to be used by all age group, especially the elderly, and those who are physically unfit or in convalescence.
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Compound Marrow Powder

Adopting high-tech process, Green World Compound Marrow Powder is made out of the extracts from fresh bovine brain, spinal cord and marrow after the fat is removed. It is rich in nutrients that nourish the brain, bones, and blood.

Taurine potentially protects retina and brain against free radical damage. With balanced proteins, minerals – especially trace elements – it serves as an ideal nutritional supplement for long-term consumption.

Benefits Compound Marrow Powder

  1. Supplements calcium and magnesium to relieve osteoporosis symptoms such as joint pain and lumbago;
  2. Strengthens hematopoietic function;
  3. Improves immunity; relieves fatigue;
  4. Improves sleeping quality and memory; delays aging.

Suitable for:

  • People with calcium deficiency or osteoporosis
  • People with bone and joint disorders such as arthritis
  • For people with malnutrition
  • People with compromised immunity
  • People with anemia

Recommended Use

  1. Each pack contain 15 g x 24 sachets.
  2. It can be prepared with water or milk.
  3. For all age group, especially the elderly
  4. Those who are physically unfit or in convalescence

Marrow Powder (Tibet Yak Brain, Spinal Cord, Marrow), Lecithin, Protein Powder, Buckwheat powder, Vitamins, Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, Calcium.

Key Knowledge:

  • Tibet Yak

    Yaks live in a habitat on Qinghai-Tibet plateau – a vast natural and non-polluted grassland about 4500 meters above the sea level. This oxygen deficient habitat creates a unique creature with strong body and well-functioned heart and lungs. Its content of red blood cell and haemoglobin is more than that of other cattle species. Yak has strong oxygen-carying capacity that can resist tiredness and frigid climate.

  • Yak marrow

    Marrow is the most nutritional part of yak. The fresh yak bones and marrow (brain, spinal marrow and bone marrow) contains multiple nutrients which nourish brain, bones and blood system of human. The greasy substances of marrow has been removed whereby the beneficial parts remain to produce Green World Compound Marrow Powder. Three kinds of marrows in one products ensures the diversity of nutrients provided to human, which is superior over those provided by single marrow.

  • Benefits to brain

    Brain phospholipids, lecithin, neural phospholipids, neural growth factor, polypetides contained in Compound Marrow Powder are brain foods that nourish peripheral and central nervous system. According to anthropologists, this nutrient-dense food allows early human ancestors to divert metabolic resources away from the costly digestion of roughage and toward bigger and more sophisticate brains. This spurred the increase in hominid brain size that we still enjoy today.

  • Benefits to bones and joints

    Green World Compound Marrow Powder serves as a cocktail of balanced nutrients of organic calcium, phosphorus, collagen and chondroitin for healthy bone and joints.

  • Benefits to hemopoietic system

    Marrow is the flexible tissue in the interior of bones where the blood cells are produced. As a food source, bone marrow provides all nutrients necessary for human to synthesize blood cells.

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