Cafe Power Black: Sugar Free Coffee, Taste Better with Ganoderma Extract


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Café Power Black: Sugar Free Coffee Mix with Ganoderma Extract. Taste better, not bitter like regular black coffees!

Satisfies your taste buds while boosting your immune system and energy levels. The best part is you don’t need to add sugar for that delicious taste! 100% Natural & Premium.

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Cafe Power Black: Taste better, Not Bitter

Cafe Power Black is an instant sugar-free coffee mix made from the finest coffee beans, with Ganoderma extract.

Unlike regular black coffees that dehydrate and increase blood pressure, Café Power Black has many health benefits such as being less caffeinated while still tasting great for those who enjoy espresso drinks!

Health Benefit of Cafe Power Black

  1. Lowers Blood Sugar Level
  2. Boosts Immune System
  3. Oxygenates the Body
  4. Rejuvenates the Cells
  5. Enhances Sexual Vitality
  6. Promotes Good Sleep
  7. Increases your Stamina.

Preparation and Uses of Power Black

  1. Pour the content of the sachet into a cup, fill with 100ml of hot water, and stir well before drinking.
    On a cold winter day, it’s nice to have something warm in your cup. The taste is smooth with just enough sweetness for you not to get sick of it too quickly!
    Give this tea mix a try when feeling under-the-weather or just trying to relax after work.
  2. It is recommended to Mix a sachet of Café Power Black with either one or more sachets of Red Yeast, Troika, Ginseng, and even Cocollagen. You will be blown away by the taste!

Key Ingredients

Coffee Powder, Micro ground Coffee Powder, and Ganoderma Extract

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