Betasol Lotion: Cure All Skin Disorders And Get A Perfect Skin


  • Even out the skin tone.
  • Promoting a healthy radiant complexion.
  • Alleviating any dryness or dull skin.
  • Gives you a flawless complexion.
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Batasol lotion

Betasol lotion calms a range of symptoms caused by skin problems – like dermatitis and eczema. It also moisturizes even problem skin for the most sensitive people.

Other benefits of this product include improving the appearance of your skin and speeding up the natural healing process.

This product helps with many different skin problems and is safe and well-tolerated. There is minimal absorption into the bloodstream

Betasol Lotion is a combination of three highly effective ingredients that together clear up bacterial and fungal infections. In fact, the synergistic effect of the ingredients can have such good results that it might become the right solution when other treatments have failed in this area.

The topic of this product is topical steroids. They help in treating many skin conditions; they are generally safe, well-tolerated, and have minimal systemic absorption. Betasol is a powerful lotion with anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. When applied to areas of bacterial or fungal infection, it can also provide synergistic action.

Betasol gel is easy to apply and it quickly locks in on your skin, releasing it slowly so that you can fight against fungal and bacterial skin diseases without any problems. It also decreases the occurrence of bacterial infections. So that means you get a much clearer complexion without pimples, redness, or itchiness which also reduces any swelling.

The sun is one of the most prolific causes of skin damage. This exposure can lead to age spots and discoloration. It also leaves skin susceptible to burns and cancer. Sunscreen not only helps with this but also absorbs harmful UV rays that can cause premature aging, wrinkles, and other signs of sun-related damage.

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Benefits of Betasol Lotion

  1. Evens out age spots.
  2. It clears dark spots and blemishes as well as lightens skin.
  3. Moisturizes the body greatly by concealing spots on the skin.
  4. Even out the skin tone.
  5. Promoting a healthy radiant complexion.
  6. Alleviating any dryness or dull skin.
  7. Gives you a flawless complexion.

Administration and Dosage

  • Clean and dry the affected area and apply the cream.
  • Wash your hands after applying.
  • To make this a perfect result, it’s best to apply twice daily.

Precaution/Side Effect

  • For external use only.
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Store in a cool place at room temperature.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • No side effects.

Key Ingredients:

Clobetasol, Gentamicin and Miconazole.


  • 30ml

Suitable for

  • Suitable for all skin types and unisex


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