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The Asthma Care Pack is a carefully selected set of Chinese herbal formulas designed to cure chronic cough and asthma. You don’t have to live with the fear of asthma any longer because, with these newly discovered herbal products, it is now very easy to cure asthma.

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Greenlife Asthma Care Pack

The Greenlife Asthma Care Pack is a carefully selected set of herbal formulas. Designed to cure chronic cough and asthma.


  1. Work on the nerve and muscle of the respiratory system
  2. Clean the whole respiratory system, cure the cough and stop phlegm.
  3. Release the muscle tension, relieve asthma and adjust the pace of breath.


Asthma, bronchitis, broncho-pneumonia, and pneumonia caused by dust, infection, cold, flu.


Cough, hard to breathe, breath heavily, irregular breath, and too much phlegm. As well as many other symptoms caused by such mentioned above like emphysema, heart disease, etc.


To be specified upon the delivery of the package. The usage varies depending on the present condition of the individual

Content of Package

The Greenlife Asthma Package Contains the following

2 Pack Anti-col Tea

Greenlife Anticol Tea is 100% natural herbal tea. Made from ingredients that have been used for centuries.  These ingredients prevent and treat influenza, cold, headache, cough, and immune booster. This Tea contains a potent ingredient that strengthens the immune system in order to prevent these illnesses.

  • It clears heat and toxins from the blood.
  • It activates and supports the immune system during periods of fever.
  • This product is recommended for fever and liver inflammation, influenza & common cold, headache, swollen & sore throat & cough, epidemic encephalitis, hepatitis, mumps, or for general health.

2 Bottles Kordy Capsules

Used for Staphylococcus, diarrhea, gonorrhea, typhoid, vaginal and urinary tract infection, prostate or other diseases caused by inflammation or infection.

1 Bottle Detoxin Capsule

Greenlife Detoxin Tablet is a natural detoxifier that cleanses the blood. Detoxin Capsules purify the liver and kidneys. removing toxins found in these organs.

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