Artemisin Men Deodorant: Fresh And Clean Underarms


Longrich Artemisin Men Deodorant

Longrich Artemisin Men Deodorant is the perfect way to keep your underarms fresh and clean. The soft-textured formula has great skin affinity, anti-stain properties that won’t block sweat pores so you can stay dry all day long!

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Longrich Artemisin Men Deodorant

Longrich Artemisin Men Deodorant (Dynamic Zest) is the perfect way to keep your underarms fresh and clean.

The dynamic zest in this deodorant will keep you feeling fresh and clean all day long. This men’s deodorant provides fresh, clean underarms with a powerful scent all day long.

The formula absorbs easily and leaves skin feeling silky without clogging sweat pores – a quality that will keep you dry all day long!

It also contains extracts from plants like mugwort which help prevent odor while keeping bacteria at bay for utmost protection against odors associated with sweating such as BO or body odor caused by excess iron in our diets.

The best way to get rid of odors is to prevent them. With this deodorant, you’ll never have to worry about odor again!

Longrich Artemisin Men Deodorant has a rolling ball design to provide you with a long-lasting fresh scent.

Use of Artemisin Men Deodorant

Longrich’s new technology provides the best dryness and sweat protection. The rolling ball design ensures a pleasant, long-lasting fresh scent. This new design is odorless, invisible, and non-sticky.

It doesn’t block sweat pores and allows your underarm breath while still being effective at removing odors! The sweet wormwood extract in this product comes from the plant called Artemesia annua.

Sweat is a natural process. It’s the body’s way of keeping our temperature regulated as well as ridding itself of toxins. Sweat also happens to smell unpleasant, which is why many people use antiperspirant and deodorant products to reduce or eliminate odor. But, these products can block the sweat pores and prevent your underarm from breathing which in turn makes you more susceptible to bacteria.

Artemesia annua has been used for centuries as both food coloring and medicine (especially for the treatment of malaria)Artemisin is known to have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-leishmanial, antioxidant, anti-tumor, and anti-inflammatory activity.

The Longrich Artemisin men rollon is the perfect solution for those who suffer from underarm sweat and chafe.

The Longrich Artemisin Men’s Roll On is the answer for perspiration and chafing. This scentless antiperspirant is clinically proven to help control underarm sweat and feels great.

Artenisin Deodorant

Health Benefits of Longrich Artemisin Men Deodorant

  1. Remove bad odors.

  2. Keeping you fresh all day.

  3. Prevent itching under the arm.

  4. Enable heat to be expelled without side effects. This is due to free chemical content.

  5. Quick drying non-sticky and anti-stain.


  • Apply to the armpit evenly

Key Ingredients

Artemesia annua extract, Mugwort

Suitable For

  • Men

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Dimensions 1 × 5 × 8 cm


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