Anti-Radiation Sticker: 100% Protection against Harmful EMF Radiation

The Greenlife Anti-Radiation Sticker can be stuck on all electronic equipment that produce radiation, like laptops and microwaves. It helps reduce the negative effects of your phone’s harmful radiations while also protecting you from these devices!


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GreenLife Anti Radiation Sticker

We all know radiation is harmful. Sickening, even! Greenlife Anti-Radiation Sticker reduces your exposure to the dangers of this invisible force. In other words, it keeps you away from things that produce radiation, such as airport scanners, wifi hotspots, and nuclear power plants.

Radiation emission devices include laptops and microwaves. You can stick  Anti-Radiation Sticker on your computer as well – no need for a separate sticker there anymore!

Radiation emission devices are becoming more and more commonplace, as people use these devices every day and need to be aware of the possible side effects. A laptop emits radiation in a similar way as microwaves, which is why you can also stick one on your computer.

This product aims to protect you from illnesses caused by radiation. Radiation causes cancer, brain damage, and infertility in people who are exposed to it for a long time.  As well as those exposed to too much of it such as those working with high voltage lines.

This will work on phones, remote controls, and laptops that use batteries among other electronics/electrical devices

Anti-radiation sticker

Health Benefit

  1. It can prevent you from harm from phone radiation!

  2. Absorb any radiation around you!

  3. It can only enhance the voice signal—a clear voice!

  4. Protect your body against the harmful effect of mobile phones and other appliances radiation and heating.

  5. Reduce headaches from long-time use of a phone.

  6. Reduce cancer risk from cell phone radiation.

  7. Keep the body healthy with negative ions above 3000.

  8. Make mobile batteries last longer.

  9. It can be applied to cell phones, computers, microwaves, and other household electric appliances.

  10. Absorb and neutralize electromagnetic waves (EMF). This includes heat emitted by mobile phones and electrical devices when attached to them.

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 8 cm


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Anti-Radiation Sticker: 100% Protection against Harmful EMF Radiation
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