AiRiZ Sanitary Napkins for Night Use: Great Protection All Night

Tiens AiRiZ Sanitary Napkins For Night Use

Through AiRiZ Sanitary Napkins for night Use, TIENS has introduced an innovative solution for women’s intimate hygiene, ensuring long-lasting freshness and complete protection. A patented Double Patch containing active oxygen and anions at the highest concentration has been used in their development.


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Tiens AiRiZ Sanitary Napkins For Night Use

Tiens AiRiZ Sanitary Napkins For Night Use  that are long-lasting and fresh. These new products are convenient, economical, and give you the extra protection you need.

This technology creates a natural cleansing culture and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria. Therefore, these napkins are made from a surgical material that is raw and unbleached.

How  AiRiZ Sanitary Napkins For Night Use Works

Thanks to these unique benefits and safety of use, this product may be applied every day to ensure personal hygiene. Moreover, you can trust that it’s safe for your skin because of all the qualitative testing done, making this one useful product to have in your house! This products  are recommended for individuals struggling with urinary tract diseases, or for those who experience incontinence.

 Nowadays, it is becoming more difficult to find sufficient amounts of positive or negative ions in your surrounding environment.

When the anions come in contact with moisture, they react and release hydrogen ions. Lowering the surface temperature in the napkin allows oxygen to spread through it faster, which increase the production of oxygen in the epidermis. This prevents cutaneous damage and keeps your skin healthy! This way, the bacteria, and unpleasant odors are effectively eliminated.

The patented AiRiZ ion patch emits up to 6,100 negative ions/cm3. This is the highest concentration of anions in sanitary napkins on the market. Studies have shown that if anion concentration in the surrounding environment is greater than 5,000/cm3, the human body exhibits an increased ability to combat inflammation and bacteria. It also better regulates blood pressure.

Active oxygen is also used in the patented Double Patch. Its presence in the sanitary napkin significantly increases its permeability to air and the level of oxygen exchange. Thus the growth of bacteria is inhibited.

Health Benefits of Airiz Sanitary Napkin For Night Use

  1. Eliminates Skin infections.

  2. Prevents UTIs.

  3. Removes unpleasant odors


  • 8 Pieces of 280 mm pads

Suitable For

  • Women during menstruation

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 8 cm


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AiRiZ Sanitary Napkins for Night Use: Great Protection All Night
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