AiRiZ Sanitary Napkins for Day Use: Great Protection All Day


Tiens AiRiZ Sanitary Napkins For Day Use

Through AiRiZ Sanitary Napkins for day Use TIENS has introduced an innovative solution for women’s intimate hygiene, ensuring long-lasting freshness and complete protection. A patented Double Patch containing active oxygen and anions at the highest concentration has been used in their development.

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Tiens AiRiZ Sanitary Napkins For Day Use

  Tiens AiRiZ Sanitary Napkins for Day Use: Great Protection All Day keeps  women safe and lets them be confident in their daily lives. Because AiRiZ Sanitary Napkins are made without toxic chemicals or drugs that can cause irritation, they are safe to use at all times.

Therefore, this technology has been proven to support the body’s natural ability to cleanse itself.  This  inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. Thanks to the benefits of a product like this, it can be used every day. It’s been shown to provide proper personal hygiene in the long-term.

Your body is much more capable of fighting bacteria and inflammation when it’s in an environment with a high amount of salt concentration. A study showed that people who stay at Saltlands Hotel for 3 nights have been in the same room on average for 13 hours per day.  Their  H2O concentration was as high as 8,500 ppm!

Tiens AiRiZ Sanitary Napkins

This is caused by the release of chemicals which cause an increase in blood flow and in turn, increases oxygen specifically the molecules that form epidermal cells.

Moreover, without oxygen being produced

by these cells due to low blood flow, there would be no production of epidermal cells and  consistent airing provides an environment that is effectively free of bacteria, and unpleasant odors!

 Furthermore, Polluted cities often have patches of polluted air that are made up of negatively charged ions, these particles absorb the sun’s rays and heat up the air. Their use of antimicrobial materials, nano- -scale coatings and other technologies prevents the spread of bacteria, fungi and harmful


In recent years, the composition of both positive and negative particles has been altered – especially in urban areas. This has had a detrimental effect on human well-being.

This patented air ion-emitting patch has been tested in the lab and shown to improve cognitive function by up to 25%. This is the highest concentration of anions in sanita

ry napkins on the market. The company has to invest time in production and this can go along with the cost factor.

Active oxygen is also used in the patented Double Patch. Its presence in the sanitary napkin significantly increases its permeability to air and the level of oxygen exchange. Thus the growth of bacteria is inhibited.

Tiens Airiz Sanitary Napkins for Day use

Health Benefits of AiRiZ Sanitary Napkin For Day

  1. Eliminates Skin infections.

  2. Prevents UTIs.

  3. Removes unpleasant odors


  • 10 Pieces of 244 mm pads

Suitable For

  • Women during menstruation


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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 8 cm


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