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Lipid Care Tea

4,500.00 3,997.50

Lipid Care Tea

4,500.00 3,997.50
Characteristic and Benefit: Adjust blood  lipid; Promotes the  metabolism  of  lipid and  converts lipid  to  energy  rapidly, and  helps lose weight; Detoxifying and beautifying effects. Suitable for: People who have  family  history  hyperlipidemia People who are overweight or obese People with fatty liver

β- Carotene & Lycopene Capsule

7,000.00 6,497.50
Characteristics and Benefits: Supplements body with Vitamin A Serves as a strong antioxidant which deactivates free radicals Prevents cancer, especially prostrate cancer Prevents atherosclerosis through lowering blood lipid. Suitable for: Teenagers and adults with vitamin A deficiency Males with prostrates disorders such as prostatitis, benign...

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