• 1st Health 8-in-Coffee: Energizing Drink Perfect For Anyone

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    Uno Premier 1st Health 8-in-1 Coffee

    The best thing about healthy coffee is that it never tastes and smells this good! 1st Health  8-in-1 Coffee  combines the wonders of Agaricus Mushroom, Tongkat Ali Ginkgo Biloba CoQ10 with a Non Dairy Creamer (FDA APPROVED SWEETENER) to make an energizing drink perfect for anyone who needs extra energy or immune support.

  • 8 in 1 Black Coffee Powdered Mix: A Healthier Alternative

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    Uno Premier 8 in 1 Coffee Mix is a low-sugar coffee alternative that delivers just as much caffeine as your normal cup. The average-sized sachet is enough for a large cup of coffee, so you can enjoy your favorite drink without worrying about high blood sugar levels! This 8 in 1 black coffee powdered mix is made from 8 amazing products such as Agaricus Blazei Murill, an edible mushroom containing low calories that have high nutrient density. Marine Collagen is packed with amino acids which can promote healthy good skin and absorption.

    • Good for diabetics as there is no added sugar.

    • Aids weight loss.

    • Lowers blood pressure.

    • Aids in blood sugar reduction.

    • Helps build stronger bones.

    Net Weight: 3g
    Recommendation: We recommend that you use this product for 2-3 months.

  • Aloe Blossom Herbal Tea: For Mental Alertness and Calm Nerves

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    Forever Aloe Blossom Herbal tea has a rich flavor and aroma that’s designed to help refresh, calm, and soothe. It’s made with all-natural ingredients, including leaves, herbs and spices which makes it a safe beverage for everyone. This herbal tea is made with carefully selected natural ingredients. It has a delicately smooth, refreshing taste and contains health benefits that are just as impressive as the taste.

    • Detoxifies the body.

    • It helps with healthy weight loss.

    • It promotes better digestion.

    • It has a positive influence on your sleep.

    Quantity: 25 teabags per box

    Recommended Boxes: We recommend taking as much as you require

  • Bell Japanese Green Tea: For A Perfect Health

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    Bell Japanese Green Tea is a unique blend of green tea leaves and natural fruit flavors. The leaves are harvested and steamed right away resulting in a fresh-tasting, organic tea with low caffeine content. It is naturally sweet with Stevia and is available in many different flavors.

    • Helps in removing free radicals
    • A perfect solution for reducing cholesterol
    • Also helps in preventing the influenza infection
    • Good for moderating allergies
    • This tea is a source of antioxidants for the maintenance of good health.

    Quantity: Each box contains 20 tea bags

    Recommendation: Drinking a cup of this tea twice daily is recommended.

  • BF Suma NMN Coffee: Sugar-free Café Latte

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    BF Suma NMN Coffee is one of the newest products. It is a 100% organic latte, enriched with the natural NAD+ booster, NMN. Additionally, it is both delicious and healthy, providing cells with a molecule that works as an anti-aging nutrient as well as promoting healthy weight management.

    • It provides anti-aging benefits

    • Improves overall health

    • BF Suma NMN Coffee increases energy metabolism and physical activity.

    • NMN reduces age-related weight gain.

    • It has anti-diabetic properties.

    Quantity: 15 sachets, 172.5g.

    Recommendation: Take this product for more than 2 to 3 months for optimum results.

  • Black Coffee: Awaken Your Senses And Enrich Your Day

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    Ready in an instant, Organo Gourmet Black Coffee provides the rich taste of your favourite coffee house with no sugar or creamer so you can adjust it to your liking. This Organic coffee also contains Ganoderma mushroom which provides a flavourful taste and aroma and rounds out the overall flavour nicely. It has a rich, bold, and smooth taste.

    • Preventing skin cell degeneration

    • Improving skin texture

    • Reducing the signs of aging

    • Eliminating toxins from the body

    • Fighting and inhibiting free radicals

    Quantity: 30 sachets per pack.
    Recommendation: We recommend that you use this product for 2-3 months.

  • Bladder Control Tea for Women: Gives a Clean Urinary Tract

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    Bladder Control Tea for Women combines the best that nature has to offer, which comes in a safe, high-quality, and effective tea. Bladder control is essential for healthy living but most people are not aware that it is possible to improve bladder control with just a cup of tea.

    • Formulated to stop frequent urination and urinary incontinence.

    • This product can help you stay dry and comfortable during the day and night.

    • Even better, it comes in flavors that are pleasant-tasting so need to worry about clogging your throat

    • All-in-one kit for Improving your urinary tract health and wellness with a clean urinary tract, relaxed bladder muscles, and less inflammation and irritation.

    • Helps alleviate symptoms, including burning sensations and/or frequent urination, that are associated with UTIs

    Quantity: 120 grams / loose tea.

    Recommendation: It is recommended that this product be used for 2-3 months for maximum results.

  • Blueberry Coffee: Lowers Blood Cholesterol And Improves Glucose Control

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    Green World Blueberry Coffee

    Green World Blueberry Coffee features a unique berry flavor on the basis of classic coffee aroma. Moderate consumption makes you feel refreshed and revitalized. It also helps protect eyesight, lowers blood cholesterol levels while improving glucose control and insulin sensitivity, lowering the risk of subsequent heart disease and diabetes.

  • Blueberry Tea: Battles Aging and Protect Your Eyesight

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    Green World Blueberry Tea

    Blueberry, as one of the oldest fruit in the world, is not just a kind of fruit, but a sort of health care food that can be used as medicine. Blueberry, is rich in nutrient: healthy amino acids, protein, folic acid, rich in cellulose, vitamin C, E, A, flavonoids, potassium, iron, zinc, manganese.

  • Breathing Relief Tea: Soothes The Throat and Sinuses

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    Breathing Relief Tea is a herbal tea that also provides relief for smokers. It contains natural ingredients such as peppermint, licorice root, and spearmint which have been proven to effectively relieve the symptoms of coughing. This includes sore throats, irritated sinuses, and a dry cough.

    • Drinking Breathing Relief Tea helps you not only soothe your throat, bronchial system, and sinuses but also control stress.

    • Also, this tea is rich and has a flavor that tastes great. Infused with natural ingredients that can do wonders for your health.

    • This tea consists of fourteen healthy herbs to promote wellness and a range of benefits.

    • This product works quickly to provide soothing relief from asthma, allergies, hay fever, and other respiratory irritations.

    Quantity: 30 tea bags, 1g each.

    Recommendation: It is recommended that you drink this tea daily for effective relief.

  • Cafe 73 Coffee: Sugar Free with Ganoderma Extract

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    Edmark Cafe 737 Coffees are made with the highest quality and uncompromised raw material. They’re roasted to perfection and contain Ganoderma extract, an extract from a kind of mushroom. Oxygenates the body and balances body pH. It can also help lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels while improving your overall health.

    • Supports blood circulation and rejuvenates cells.

    • Supports memory and focus.

    • It effectively reduces high blood pressure.

    • Increases concentration.

    Quantity: 20 sachets per pack.
    Recommendation: We recommend that you use this product for 2-3 months for an effective and long-lasting result.

  • Café Latte: Latte In An Instant

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    Organo Café Latte is a simple blend of espresso coffee and whitener. Our best organic, Arabica beans mixed with Ganoderma combine to make this an easy process for busy people looking for a great cup of joe without the wait in line! It provides antioxidants for the body. It is also useful for weight loss.

    • Boost the immune system

    • Provides  antioxidants that can prevent cancer

    • Useful for weight loss

    • Relieves mental pain that brings on stress.

    Quantity: 20 sachets per pack.
    Recommendation: We recommend that you use this product for 2-3 months.

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