• GreenWorld Hand Point Diagnostic Machine

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    Greenworld Hand Point Diagnostic Machine Hct-1e is a device that combined traditional Chinese medical science with modern technology. It can diagnose your health condition. This product is effective in providing a multitude of benefits such as general physical examinations and local diagnosis, the best care for you.


  • LDC: The Mildest, Most Versatile Household Cleaner

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    Neolife LDC

    The mildest and most functional household cleaner now on the market is Neolife’s LDC. Additionally, it is suitable for a wide range of surfaces and uses. As a matter of fact, it is useful in getting rid of any dirt or residual odors.

    • Clean kitchen countertops, stovetops, refrigerators, dishware, hand washables, and a variety of other dirty surfaces.
    • Safe for the entire family and very kind to the hands.
    • 100% biodegradable and phosphate-free surfactants.
    • The potent solution successfully combats filth and grime.

  • Massage Gun: It Utilizes Powerful Vibration Technology To Help Relax Muscles

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    MASSAGE GUN Stimulating nerve receptors have the effect of vasodilation in the skin and muscles, improving agility & flexibility. It decreases stress & anxiety levels.

  • Tiens Health Mattress: Insomnia, Sleep And Health Regain Mattress

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    Tiens Health Mattress

    Tiens Health Mattress is this one special unique natural health mattress that helps guarantee you a longer and healthier lifespan just by consistently sleeping on it.  As a matter of fact, Chinese medicine believes sleep to be the cheapest and most effective medicine for basic health.

    • Increases the prevalence of negative ions in the environment.

    • A soft, cozy mattress improves blood oxygenation.

    • Improves sleep quality (excellent for insomnia) and deeply relaxes the nervous system.
    • Healthy ions concentrated mattress helps guarantee the length and quality of sleep.

    Quantity: Health Mattress – size 70″ x 78″ (178 x 198 cm).

    Expert Recommendation: It is recommended you use Tien’s health mattress alongside Tiens Health Pillow for a super proficient and everlasting result.

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