• Antarctic Krill Oil: Superior Supplement For Boosting Brain Health

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    Greenleaf Antarctic Krill Oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and phospholipids which help improve the body’s well-being. Taking this supplement contained in gel capsules will help you lower cholesterol and promote greater brain function. Aside from these, it’ll also work to keep your moods fresh!

    Generally, people with ADHD do not show a preference in which omega-3 they take. However, if you want one that is quick to absorb and won’t cause any bloating or gas, this product will be a good option for you!

    • Antarctic Krill Oil is great for preventing cardiovascular disease and hyperlipidemia.

    • Not just for fun! It has been shown to improve cognitive function and boost brain power.

    • It also decreases the effects of aging by improving memory and slowing neurodegenerative lifespan.

    • Improves flexibility of the joints and connective tissue.

    • Helps with obesity, a fatty liver or diabetes.

    Quantity: 60 soft gels
    Recommendation: We recommend that you use this product for 2-3 months.

  • Arthritis Combo: Treatment of Arthritis And Relieve Pains.

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    Forever Arthritis Combo

    Arthritis combo is a super combo of two herbal supplements (Forever Freedom, and Forever move) that are proven over time to be very effective in curing as well as preventing arthritis.

    • Supports joint comfort and flexibility.
    • Provides rapid cure for all forms of arthritis.
    • Promotes fast recovery from exercise.
    • Delivers quick and confirmed results in no time.

    Quantity: Forever Arthritis Combo Contains: 1 Forever Freedom:1vLitre & Forever move: 90 softgels

    Expert Recommendation: It is recommended to use the Forever Arthritis pack for at least three consecutive months for maximum results.

  • Bell Lifestyle’s Brain Function: For Healthy Overall Brain Function.

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    When it comes to success in life, working with an optimally functioning brain is key. This offers a sense of empowerment as you know you can achieve anything. And that is why Bell Lifestyle’s Brain Function is very essential for you to have.

    • This product provides folic acid to support healthy brain oxygen levels

    • It includes only premium components to help support cognitive function in adults

    • Bell Lifestyle’s Brain Function helps to improve an adult’s memory

    • Also, it reduces the risk of folate deficiency

    • It helps the brain access the crucial energy it needs.

    Quantity: 60 capsules per pack

    Recommendation: It is recommended that you use this product regularly for adequate brain function.

  • Brain Care Package: 100% Natural Herbs For Your Brain Health

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    Green World Brain Care Package offers the perfect solution to any number of brain health issues in a convenient package that fits into your lifestyle!

  • CELLGEVITY (4 Bottles): Immune Booster, Cell Regeneration & Anti-Aging

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    Cellgevity is the perfect solution to arthritis, stroke, diabetes and so many other degenerative diseases. Cellgevity is sold in packs. Each pack contain 1 month dosage. It provides the following benefit:

    1. Immune system boost
    2. Protection from harmful toxins
    3. Slows down aging process
    4. Provides ultimate in glutathione enhancement.
    5. Help you optimize cellular functions for the health you deserve.
    6. Regulate, repair, and recycle other important antioxidants in the body.
    7. Support a healthy immune system.
  • Deep Sea Fish Oil: 100% Natural Omega 3 Softgel for Healthy Living

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    Green World Deep Sea Fish Oil Capsule is the perfect addition to your diet if you want an easy way of getting essential fatty acids. It is a perfect nutrients for brain functions and development, including lowering bad cholesterol levels in your body.

  • Faforon Stem Cell Drink: Stem Cell Drink That Works Magic

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    Fafor Life Faforon Stem Cell Drink

    Faforon is hands down the best herbal product on the market. As a matter of fact, it can cure more than 22 diseases, it cures a wide variety of diseases such as diabetes, infertility, ulcer, arthritis, and erectile dysfunction.

    • Boost the blood and immune system.
    • Repair damaged cell and Curbs the HIV crisis.
    • Detoxifies the liver, so also Prevents cancer.
    • Handles high blood pressure, and treats ulcers, diabetes, and anemia.
    • Boosts memory as well as is good for insomnia.

    Faforon Herbal Stem Cell Drink Big size 1 bottle (500ml)
    Faforon Herbal Stem Cell Drink Small Size 1 bottle (260ml)
    Recommendations: For a treatment use twice daily, ensure you use for at least 2 months.

  • Fitsure Capsules :Benefits Of A Deep, Restorative Sleep

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    • It helps improve the hip-to-waist ratio.
    • Greatly improve the quality of one’s sleep.
    • Has a calming effect.
    • Can help reduce daytime sleepiness.
  • Gensing & Royal Jelly Softgel

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    • Improves blood sugar.
    • Immune system support.
    • Enhances blood circulation.
    • It lowers high blood fat & blood sugar.
    • It helps maintain normal cardiac function.
    • Boosts memory.
    • Greatly maintains existing normal cholesterol levels.
    • It promotes normal triglyceride levels.


    3 Bottles = A MONTH’s Dosage

    6 Bottles = 2 MONTH Dosage

    9 Bottles = 3 MONTHS Dosage

    12 Bottles = 4 MONTHS Dosage (For Permanent Treatment)

  • Ginkgo Biloba 500mg: Boost Memory, Enhance Mental Clarity and Focus

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    Nature’s Field Ginkgo Biloba 500mg is a natural supplement that is designed to improve your memory, mental performance, and brain function. It can be used to treat blood disorders and other illnesses that cause problems with cognitive management.

    • It aids memory and protects the brain from neuronal damage.

    • Increases nerve cell impulse frequency.

    • Enhances concentration and helps people with macular degeneration to keep their sight for longer.

    • Ginkgo Biloba contains high levels of flavonoids and terpenoids, which makes it a strong antioxidant hence it Improves internal circulation.

    • It has the ability to reduce inflammation caused by various conditions.

    Quantity: 90 Capsules per bottle.

    Recommendations: We recommend using this product for 2 to 3 months to achieve desired results.

  • Ginkgo Biloba Capsule: Boost Memory and Repair Damage Tissue

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    Green World’s Ginkgo biloba capsules may be just what you need if your looking for a way to improve your health by lowering blood cholesterol levels while improving both mental function and slowing down the process of aging

  • Ginkgo Plus: Improves Brain Function and Well-being.

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    There’s a new formula out of Ginkgo biloba. It’s called the Forever Ginkgo Plus formula. It combines all-natural ingredients with the latest in natural chemistry delivery techniques to help you get an optimal dose in every serving. The ingredients they used are the best available and effective and natural. Their supplement produces potent energy, focus, and mental clarity, and is non-toxic. The result is a supplement that you can trust and recommend to your clients and family members.

    • It improves circulation and heart health.

    • It’s an antioxidant that scavenges free radicals.

    • It reduces symptoms of psychiatric disorders and dementia.

    • Improves brain function and well-being.

    • Treats headaches and migraines.

    Quantity: 60 Tablets

    Recommended Bottles: We recommend taking 2 to 3 Bottles

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