Multi-Min: Build a Mineral Foundation for Energy And Strength

Craving vibrant health from the ground up? Ditch missing minerals and embrace whole-body well-being with NEOLIFE Multi-Min! This bioavailable powerhouse delivers everything from bone-building calcium to immunity-boosting zinc, all enhanced with marine trace minerals and Vitamin D.

Enhance amplified absorption through amino acid chelates and unlock optimal muscle function, peak energy, and a robust defense system – all in one convenient daily dose. Choose NEOLife Multi-Min and empower your body’s mineral potential for a truly energized, thriving you.

How to use

  • Package contains: 150 tablets.
  • Take 3 tablet daily.

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Neolife Multi-Min
Your Current Item: Multi-Min: Build a Mineral Foundation for Energy And Strength
Original price was: $14.54.Current price is: $13.21.
Original price was: $14.54.Current price is: $13.21.
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Neolife Multi-Min: Essential Minerals for Energy

NeoLife Multi-Min emphasizes the critical role of minerals, constituting 4-5% of human body weight and serving as essential building blocks for bones, teeth, tissues, muscles, blood and nerve cells.

NEOLIFE Multi-Min, This comprehensive formula provides a broad spectrum of bioavailable macrominerals and microminerals to fuel healthy bones, promotes healthy muscles, nerve function, support calcium absorption and promote bone health and overall well-being. It  Supports every system from muscles and nerves to digestion and metabolism with essential mineral power. High-quality ingredients and advanced chelates maximize absorption and impact.

Empower your body with the essential building blocks of health and vitality. NEOLIFE Multi-Min unlocks your mineral potential, fueling strong bones, vibrant energy and a robust immune system. Choose the daily dose of whole-body well-being and experience the difference of complete mineral support.

Health Benefits of Multi-Min

  • Strong Bones and Radiant Teeth.
  • Fuel your body with vital minerals.
  • Strengthen your immune system .
  • Ensure smooth muscle function.
  • Maintain fluid balance and healthy electrolyte levels.
  • Support proper hormone production.
  • Optimal digestion, nutrient absorption and cellular energy production.

Dosage and How To Use

  • Package contains: 150 tablets.
  • Take 3 tablet daily.
  • Keep medicine of reach of children.
Key Ingredients

Vitamin D3 ,Calcium ,Iron, Potassium ,Phosphorus ,Magnesium ,Iodine ,Zinc, Selenium
Copper, Manganese ,Chromium , Molybdenum, Powdered cellulose, hydroxypropyl
methylcellulose, stearic acid, silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide,
magnesium stearate and triacetin

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With over 50 years of proven products, NeoLife offers a wide range of whole food supplements, including multivitamins, minerals, herbs, and other nutrients. NeoLife products are designed to support overall health and well-being, and are backed by a strong commitment to quality, safety, and efficacy.
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