Menstrual Care Pack: Painful, Irregular, Absence Of Periods, Heavy Periods

The combine herbs is used to treat Menstrual Problems (Painful, Irregular, the absence of periods, heavy periods, Blockage). Also bring on a normal menstrual cycle in women who menstruate normally in the past but have not menstruated for at least 6 months and who are not pregnant or undergoing menopause (change of life)..



Menstruation problems.

Amenorrhoea (absence of periods)
Amenorrhoea simply means an absence of your periods. Doctors usually classify amenorrhoea into primary or secondary amenorrhoea.
Primary amenorrhoea: where your periods have never started and you are at least 16 years old.
Secondary amenorrhoea: where you normally have periods but they have stopped for 6 months or more

When is it normal not to have periods?

It is normal not to have periods:
before you reach puberty;
when you are pregnant;
if you are breastfeeding; and
if you have reached menopause.

Causes of Amenorrhoea

Amenorrhoea may be caused by:

  • Malfunction of the thyroid gland, the hypothalamus (part of the brain that helps regulate the menstrual cycle) or the pituitary gland;
  • Problems with the ovaries;
  • Anatomical problems with the uterus, cervix or vagina;
  • Delayed puberty;
  • Prolonged strenuous exercise;
  • Stress;
  • Depression and some other forms of mental illness;
  • Low body weight;
  • Some medicines, including the oral contraceptive pill (it can take 3-6 months to start periods again after stopping the pill), certain antipsychotic medicines, and cancer chemotherapies;
  • Chronic illness
  • hormonal imbalances such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS); or
    premature menopause.

Dysmenorrhoea (painful periods).
Dysmenorrhoea means painful periods. Period pain and discomfort are usually most severe for the first day or so of your period.

Menstrual Cramp

The combined herbs are used to bring on a normal menstrual cycle in women who menstruated normally in the past but have not menstruated for at least 6 months and who are not pregnant or undergoing menopause (change of life).

PMS Symptoms:
Although each individual may experience symptoms differently, the most common symptoms of PMS can include any of the following:

Psychological symptoms (depression, anxiety, irritability).
Gastrointestinal symptoms (bloating).
Fluid retention (swelling of fingers, ankles, and feet).
Skin problems (acne).
Muscle spasms.
Heart palpitations.
Vision problems.
Eye infections.
Decreased coordination.
Diminished libido (sex drive).
Changes in appetite.
Hot flashes.
Simple modifications in lifestyle can help eliminate or reduce the severity of symptoms, including:


Exercising 3 to 5 times each week.
Eating a well-balanced diet that includes whole grains, vegetables, and fruit, and a decreasing salt, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol intake.
Getting adequate sleep and rest.

Active Ingredients:
Angelica Sinensis 210mg, Lovage root 30mg, White Atractylodes tuber 30mg, Jujube Fruit 30mg, Herba Leonuri extract, Brown Sugar.



Weight1 kg
Dimensions10 × 8 × 12 cm


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Menstrual Care Pack: Painful, Irregular, Absence Of Periods, Heavy Periods
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