Maxman Sea-Erect Delay Cream: So You Can Last Longer

Maxman Sea-Erect Delay Cream is the #1 selling delay cream in Nigeria, and it’s scientifically proven to increase stamina by 200%. With Maxman, you’ll get rock-hard erections and last up to 3 times longer. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

  • Stays hard for a long time.
  • Delays Ejaculation and prolongs sex.
  • Enlarges the penis and makes it harder during intercourse.


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Maxman Sea-Erect Delay Cream
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Maxman Sea-Erect Delay Cream

Maxman Sea-Erect Delay Cream can have a noticeable effect on your sexual performance and it is known to be safe for the skin. It has all-natural ingredients that don’t have any side effects or toxicity problems.

Maxman Sea-Erect Delay Cream comes in a tube.  Research claims it to be safe and effective at improving erectile function through increased blood flow to the penis. Its uses include increasing libido, increasing ejaculate volume, & enhancing sexual performance for both men & women.

This Maxman Sea-Erect Delay Cream is a new product and is a stronger formula that has been specially compounded to help men with premature ejaculations and short duration during sex. The FDA has long recognized the lack of health effects of using a vibrator or dildo. It is probably best to use this product externally, but people might still breathe easier knowing they are safe if they use it vaginally.

It is an international male health supplement brand that has created a formula that is made from premium organic ingredients. These ingredients will help increase stamina, improve erectile function, and support hormonal balance. The company also provides customer service 24 hours a day on the phone or online. It’s dermatologically tested.

 Also, this can really add another layer of excitement by making penetration last even longer than usual – literally giving him Maximum Pleasure.

Health Benefits

  • Stays hard for a long time.
  • Delays Ejaculation and prolongs sex.
  • Enlarges the penis and makes it harder during intercourse.
  • Boosts your libido during sex.
  • Enjoy optimum sexual satisfaction with your partner.
  • For penis enlargement, apply Maxman Delay Cream to your penis and massage twice a day.
  • To last long during sex, apply and massage generously to the penis 10 minutes before sexual intercourse and its effects can last for hours.


  • For external use only.
  • Can not use with other medications.
  • Do not use it if your skin is sensitive, or you have an alcohol allergy.
  • If you feel unwell, use water to clean the area.
  • Do not Exceed Six Creams Per Application.

Key Ingredients 

Water, glycol stearate S.E, isopropyl myristate, fenugreek oil, allantoin, vitamin A, phenoxyethanol, 9.6%, Lilac, shiandra, epimedium, ethand, and fragrance.

Suitable For

  • Adult men

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Recs-Medix is a Nigeria-based supplement brand company that specializes in natural herbal supplements. Founded in 2017, Recs-Medix has quickly become one of the leading providers of natural health products in the country.



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