Lipotropic Adjunct: Resist Unwanted Fat Buildup

NEOLIFE Lipotropic Adjunct goes beyond diet to bridge the gap to optimal heart health! This powerful blend of lipotropic factors, B-vitamins, and citrus bioflavonoids helps maintain healthy circulation, lower potentially harmful homocysteine levels and support efficient fat utilization for optimal energy.

This potent formula bridges the gap between your diet and optimal cardiovascular well-being. Ditch the diet worries and embrace a vibrant life with NEOLife Lipotropic Adjunct – your daily dose of cardiovascular support and well-being!

How to use

  • Package contains: 180 tablets.
  • Take 2 to 4 tablets daily.

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Neolife Lipotropic Adjunct
Your Current Item: Lipotropic Adjunct: Resist Unwanted Fat Buildup
Original price was: $16.59.Current price is: $15.30.
Original price was: $16.59.Current price is: $15.30.
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Neolife Lipotropic Adjunct: Embrace Healthy Blood Flow And Unwanted Fat

A balanced diet low in fat and rich in fiber is key to heart and blood vessel health, yet sometimes, we fall short in obtaining the nutrients essential for optimal cardiovascular well-being. A healthy heart and smooth circulation are key to a vibrant life

NeoLife Lipotropic Adjunct addresses this gap by providing concentrated lipotropic factors  crucial for mobilizing and utilizing dietary fats. It delivers nutrients your body may lack for optimal cardiovascular health, supports healthy blood vessel function by regulating homocysteine levels, promotes smooth blood flow and nutrient delivery to vital organs.

NeoLife Lipotropic Adjunct is your key to comprehensive cardiovascular support, addressing lipid metabolism and homocysteine balance. Embrace heart health with these essential nutrients, scientifically crafted for your well being.

Health Benefits of Lipotropic Adjunct

    • Promotes healthy blood flow.
    • Supports a strong circulatory system.
    • Lowers potentially harmful homocysteine levels for reduced cardiovascular risk.
    • Helps keep fats emulsified and utilized efficiently for optimal energy.
    • Delivers essential B-vitamins for nerve function, metabolism and homocysteine control.
    • Provides additional antioxidant protection for healthy blood vessels.
    • Offers powerful cardiovascular support.

Dosage and How To Use

  • Package contains: 180 tablets.
  • Take 2 to 4 tablets daily.
  • Keep medicine of reach of children.
Key Ingredients

Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine hydrochloride) 8 mg, Folic Acid , Vitamin B12(as cyanocobalamin) , Choline Bitartrate , Inositol , Betaine Hydrochloride , Lemon Bioflavonoids , Hesperidin 

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