Imuniti: Anti-Bacteria, Viruses and Other Microorganisms.

Gaurapad Imuniti supports body immunity and promotes blood circulation. The product contains highly potent ingredients that are beneficial for people suffering from various infections cause by Bacteria and Viruses.


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Gaurapad Imuniti

Gaurapad is an immune system repair formula that helps to speed up the recovery process and get back to work. It works by eliminating bacteria, viruses, and other infections in your body as a result of a natural course of action.

Stemming from the combined potency of other herbs, this product can help fight even the most problematic symptoms. This product consists of a range of substances like Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi, prunella Vulgaris L, Spatholobus suberectus Dunn, and sapan wood. These herbal extracts are very effective, and they have been extracted using a proprietary process in order to preserve the active ingredients.

Gaurapad Imuniti is able to target a variety of bacteria and viruses, killing or inhibiting their reproductive systems. The organic ingredients reinforce the immune system.

This product is an important contribution to counter the growing trend of immune deficiency. It is working unrelentingly, reaching the areas that are most needed in the body.


Health Benefits of Gaurapad Imuniti

Gaurapad Imuniti supports body immunity and promotes blood circulation. The product contains ingredients that are highly beneficial for people suffering from:

  1. It supports and promotes immunity.

  2. It promotes blood circulation.

  3. It prevents immune system disorders (HIV/AIDS)

  4. It effectively manages fibroid, stroke, cancer, prostrate enlargement, respiratory conditions, typhoid fever

  5. Peptic ulcer disease, bacterial and viral infection.

  6. Urinary tract infections and breast cancer issues.

Usage and Administration

  • Change the immunity patch every 24hrs.

  • Place a pair of imuniti fluxes horizontally along the arch of the soles of both feet and change every 12hrs.

  • Cleanse the skin and peel the paper from the adhesive.

  • Place an Imuniti patch on the affected body area according to the protocols described in the manual.

  • For Fibroid treatment, place on the pubic area which is the region just above the genitals. Ensure the pubic hair is shaved off and do not apply to broken skin.

  • Change the patch once a day.

  • For Fibroid do an Ultrasound scan before using it to follow up on progress.

  • Usage For Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases such as vagina cysts, and staphylococcus It is recommended to use Imuniti protocol 2 and Gaurapad Antitoxin

  • For migraine, refer to imuniti protocol 5. it is always important to investigate cases and deal with causal factors once and for all.

  • The treatment period lasts from one month to three months. See the manual for details.

Precautions and Side Effects

  • Store in a cool dry place.

  • Keep away from children.

  • No side effects.

Key Ingredients

100% natural herbs.

Recommended Boxes

  • We recommend taking 2 to 3 boxes.

Suitable For

  • Adults

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