Green Spirulina Capsule (60 caps)- Enhanced Health and Well-being

Norland Green Spirulina Capsule encapsulates the revered blue-green microalgae’s exceptional nutrition. A superfood rich in vital vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for optimal health.


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Norland Green Spirulina Capsule
Your Current Item: Green Spirulina Capsule (60 caps)- Enhanced Health and Well-being
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Norland Green Spirulina Capsule – Immunity and Weight Management

Spirulina, a blue-green microalgae, has been revered for centuries for its exceptional nutritional profile. Renowned as a superfood, it is brimming with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that play a pivotal role in maintaining optimal health. Norland Green Spirulina Capsule captures the essence of this remarkable algae, providing a convenient and concentrated source of its remarkable benefits.

Health Benefits

  • Enhanced Immunity: Green Spirulina Capsule’s rich supply of antioxidants and phytonutrients bolsters the immune system, equipping your body to combat infections and illnesses effectively.

  • Weight Management Support: Its high fiber content promotes satiety, curbing cravings and aiding in weight management efforts.

  • Anti-aging Properties: Its potent antioxidant arsenal helps combat free radical damage, contributing to a youthful appearance and slowing down the aging process.

  • Improved Digestive Health: Green Spirulina Capsule’s prebiotic properties promote a healthy gut microbiome, enhancing digestion and nutrient absorption.

  • Cardiovascular Support: Spirulina’s ability to regulate cholesterol levels and blood pressure contributes to a healthier heart.

  • Enhanced Metabolism: Its natural compounds stimulate metabolism, promoting efficient energy utilization and weight management.

  • Allergy Relief: Green Spirulina Capsule’s anti-inflammatory properties may help alleviate allergy symptoms and promote respiratory health.


  • Take 2 capsules twice daily.
  • to be taken after a meal.
  • There are 60 capsules contained in one pack
Where to Buy

This product is available for purchase a­­t Recs-Medix or any Green World Herbal Supplement Store, both online and in person.

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Norland's supplements are made with a variety of natural ingredients, including herbs, vitamins, and minerals. The company supplements can help to improve overall health and well-being, boost the immune system, and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.
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