Colon Cleanser Tea: Natural Detox Tea, Cleanses Colon And Intestine

Kedi Colon Cleanser Tea is made with all-natural, herbal ingredients that help you detoxify and cleanse your body. It’s caffeine-free and low in sugar so you can enjoy it as a beverage on its own.

  • It boosts appetite
  • Cleanses the colon and the gastrointestinal tract
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Eases stomach and intestinal peristalsis

Quantity: 20 teabags per pack.

Recommendation: We recommend using 2 to 3 boxes for optimum results.


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Kedi Colon Cleanser Tea

Kedi Colon Cleanser Tea is made with all-natural, herbal ingredients that help you detoxify and cleanse your body. It’s caffeine-free and low in sugar so you can enjoy it as a beverage on its own.

Digestion is a process that allows food to be broken down and absorbed into the bloodstream. Unfortunately, digestion can become inhibited by stress, poor diet, lack of sleep, and even disease. Certain foods can help with digestion such as those containing fibre and enzymes.

Several organic acids and enzymes produced by our stomach help digest food and aid in the breakdown of fat. The hundreds of microorganisms that live in our gut help us to absorb nutrients from food, and rid our body of harmful substances such as E. coli, salmonella or listeria.

It can also increase your appetite and improve digestion, which is something that a lot of people struggle with. It also helps reduce the time it takes for food to move through your digestive tract and ease stomach and intestinal peristalsis

Hangover? Tea can help! Don’t be miserable feeling sick, there are a lot of different options out there. The three herbs in this particular tea are known for helping the body detoxify, stimulating bowel movements and maintaining a clean intestine. Before you drink alcohol, you should make sure to put down a cup of tea. Teas can help your body digest food faster.

Kedi Colon Cleanser Tea is a natural detox solution that cleanses, cleanses, and also tries to get rid of the nasty build-up in your body.


Health Benefits of Kedi Colon Cleanser Tea 

  1. It boosts appetite
  2. Cleanses the colon and the gastrointestinal tract
  3. Detoxifies the body
  4. Eases stomach and intestinal peristalsis
  5. Improves digestion.

Dosage and Administration

    • Place 1 or 2 teabags in a cup of hot water and allow to steep for 3-5 minutes and drink once daily. 30 minutes after a meal.

Precautions and Side Effects

  • Consult your doctor before using this product with other medications.
  •  Store in a cool and dry place.
  •  No side effects.

Key Ingredients

Semen Myristicae 0.9g, Amorphophallus Konjac 0.4g, Mulberry (Morus Nigra) 0.3g, Green tea (Camellia Sinensis) 0.2g, Semen Armeniacae Amarum 0.1g, Honey 0.1g


  • 20 teabags per pack.


  •  We recommend using 2 to 3 boxes for optimum results.

Suitable For

  • Adults


Suitable For

  • Pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children.
Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions10 × 5 × 5 cm


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Colon Cleanser Tea: Natural Detox Tea, Cleanses Colon And Intestine
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