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The Century 21 Economy


This is Century 21 economy strategy. Jim Rohn in one of his teachings said “profits are better than wages”. Once he understood this, he got rich. Why is profit better than wages? Simple, wages can make you a living while profits can build you a fortune.

In this era, especially following the effects of the century 21 economic downtown cause by the Covid-19 pandemic. People are beginning to realize just how true this is. Whether consciously or unconsciously, people are beginning to realize that having a steady source of income that is not controlled by the happening in society is the key.


When you talk to people, they realize they need another source of income apart from their salaries. This is to help them live their dreams or simply to make ends meet. In most cases, this normally involves building a business or engage in a side hustle that does not require your presence all the time.

It is noteworthy to mention that many people lose their money because they don’t have the requisite knowledge or discipline to run a business while also working. Some try to find an investment where they can put their money and in a bid to look for genuine investment, a lot of people have run into trouble where they lost money to fraudulent investors. This does not have to be in the century 21 economy.

The big question is this, having lost money to a business because of some mitigating factors, or losing money in investments because of fraudsters, are we supposed to stop trying? The answer is most definitely no.


Enter Project 500X. Are you are looking for an alternate source of income? Do you want to start a business, and you don’t have a large capital to start one? If you want to develop the required skills you need to run your business effectively. If you want to give personal development a boost or need a personal mentor to stand by your side you grow your financial fortune, we’ve got your back.

Project 500X Campaign is a Mentorship Group, that helps eligible people:
I. Generate capital for their businesses or projects without using banks loans
II. Build a family retirement fund and,
III. Make more profit irrespective of the state of the economy.


The answer is Multi-Level Marketing or as so many people know it, Network Marketing. Through research and experience, Project 500X discovered that most people don’t really understand or know Network Marketing as they think. People have so many notions about Network Marketing, most of them wrong. But it does not stop people from taking them as facts. This is because a lot of people do not realize it is a business for serious people and not a hobby. It is a business model that can liberate you from financial struggle permanently. We teach how to succeed in the Network marketing business without hassle.

Professionals spend a minimum of 4 years in an institute of higher learning to become professionals in their fields. The apprentice spends years with his master before he gets to establish his own business. Why do people think network marketing is something you can achieve success without mentorship? Sure you need to learn from the expert.

Project 500X, tag Live Your Dream Group is targeting to help 500 serious-minded individuals. These are the people who want to build a passive income to help them achieve their dreams.


Network Marketing offers a passive income system. This can give you the opportunity to focus on what you are doing right now while building a financial empire for the future. We have created a business system we can mentor you with. This system does not require you Selling, Marketing, or Convincing people before you earn. A system that if you are willing to learn, and work with your team, can give you financial freedom within 3 to 5 years. You can do this from home with just your phone in your hand.

Network Marketing is the business of the 21st century as aptly described by Robert Kiyosaki. Connect with Project 500X and let us help you take your financial destiny in your hands and escape the rat race.


If you think you think you are the right person for this opportunity and you will like to connect with us, please answer a few questions below and our consultant we get in touch with you.

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