Tourmaline Flask

Tourmaline Flask

Characteristics and Benefits: Neutralizes the acidic metabolites, adjusts the acid-base balance of the body and prevents the acidification of the interior environment. Negative potentials: They have very strong deoxidization capacity, can eliminate the redundant free radicals in the body and strengthen the anti-oxidative ability of the cells. Small molecular cluster: The smaller molecular clusters of …

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Cancer Care Package

Cancer is emerging as a major public health problem in Sub-Saharan Africa because of population aging and growth. Breast and cervical cancer in women and prostate cancer in men are the major fatal cancers in SSA. World Health Organization predicts that deaths from cancer worldwide can hit 13 million deaths per year in 2013. Everybody …

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How To Take Care Of Brain Diseases

GREEN WORLD BRAIN CARE PACKAGE Your Brain Your brain is the center of the human nervous system. The cerebellum manages the body’s posture and movement. The brainstem is in charge of breathing, heart rate, and other autonomic processes. The cerebrum controls thinking, learning, and memory. Dementia & Alzheimer’s Diseases Definition: Dementia is a serious loss …

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Facts About Your Health

Things You Need To Know About your Health As time goes on, mankind’s development is gaining in momentum: we are creating more advanced civilizations and as we do, we encounter more diseases of civilization. On one hand, we have obtained unprecedented achievements in science and technology and have increased the average life expectancy and health …

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