Breast Care Tea: For Breast Disorders

Indulge in the luxurious combination of Green World Breast Care Tea, crafted with precision from a selection of over twelve natural herbs, each chosen for its distinct qualities. This seamless blend operates harmoniously, presenting a comprehensive approach to nurturing breast health and overall well-being.

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Green World Breast Care Tea
Your Current Item: Breast Care Tea: For Breast Disorders
Original price was: $14.48.Current price is: $12.58.
Original price was: $14.48.Current price is: $12.58.
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Green World Breast Care Tea

Green world breast care tea is a natural herbal supplement carefully crafted to diminish hyperplasia in the breasts to reduce chances of post operative re-occurrence and alleviate discomfort from breast cancer.

Green World Breast Care Tea is composed of over a dozen natural herbs which can help regulate the  endocrine system, invigorate blood circulation, It also promotes blood circulation and removes blood stasis.

Health Benefits

  • Its a Natural cure for breast disorder and discomfort
  • It melts away tumors
  • Reduces  the risk of cancer
  • Improves immunity against lurking cancers


  • 1-2 sachets per day. Each sachet serves about 5 cups (approximately half a liter) of tea

Key Ingredients

Radix Angelicae Sinensis, Vatica Mangachapoi, Radix Rehmannia Glutinosa, Poria Coccus, Paeonia Lactiflora, Ligusticum Wallichii, Pittospori Glabrati, Cyperus Rotundus, Rhizoma Pinelliae Preparata

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Green World International

Green World International is a transnational group engaged in the research and development, production, sales, and service of herbal food supplements. Founded in 1996, Green World has grown to become one of the leading herbal supplement brands in the world, with over 300 products and a presence in over 40 countries.


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